First Post

I have two dogs Ruby and Gypsy. Gypsy is a a black lab mix with a gray hound, and Ruby is a jack russell terrier. Ruby is really feisty and Gypsy is really calm.

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Unsplash CC0

ISR assignment

The book I am reading is called The Land of Stories, Worlds Collide by Chris Colfer. The first book is about these kids named Alex and Conner and they travel to this place called The Land of Stories through their grandmothers story book. The book I am reading is the last book in the series and it is very confusing if you start from any book but the first but I will try my best to explain it. Worlds Collide is about this evil witch named Morina that wants to rule the Otherworld (earth), so she figures out that there is a bridge forming the connects the Otherworld and the Fairy Tale world. She goes through the portal and finds Alex, who has just became the new fairy godmother and curses her to concur  the Otherworld. Morina has total control against Alex so the only thing Alex can do is try to communicate with people in he sleep. Conner, Alex’s brother needs to find her to get her away from Morina with his friends Red, Jack, Bree, and Goldilocks. Read the book to find out what comes next!

About Me

Here are some things about me!

– I love to play soccer.

-I have 3 sibling and 2 dogs.

-I like to bake.

-I like to travel around the world.

-l love to read the Harry Potter books and watch the movies.

– I like the foods pasta and ice cream.

-I was born in Austin.

-I like to swim when it is hot outside.

-I am learning Spanish.

-I like to read

-I play the viola

-I like to go to Colorado to ski.