September 20

Gordon Ramsay Making a Burger

I have chosen this video since it represents how I have learned from Gordon Ramsay. He is good at cooking and teaches how to make a better burger. I wish I could have Gordon Ramsay as my personal cook. I think everyone should respect Chef Ramsay since he is the best cook ever.

September 18

Book Report on The Battle of the Labyrinth

     This is my post about The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. The book takes place in the United States of America. The main character, Percy who is a half-blood, is in New York City going to a back to school night. While he is there, he gets attacked by monsters who work for his enemy, Luke. Since he got attacked, he goes back to Camp Half-Blood. If half-bloods go there, they can’t be attacked by monsters and they are safe. After Percy goes there, he meets up with his friends and tells them what happened. They all end up going on a quest through the Labyrinth which is a secret tunnel to find Daedalus Workshop which contains really powerful materials. He doesn’t want Luke to get it since he will have a lot of powers and he will take over the world. I didn’t really like the book since it usually has the same ending every book. In each book, they do the same thing by going on a quest and trying to stop Luke. I liked the setting because it is a relatable area and I can picture how everything went down.

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September 13

2018-2019 Basketball Season

Unsplash CC0

        This NBA basketball season is going to be terrible. The Golden State Warriors, the team that won the championship last year is now better. They got a player named Demarcus Cousins. There are only 2 teams that are a threat to the Warriors in the Western Conference. They are the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Houston Rockets almost beat the Warriors last year. They lost the final game of the series due to their best player being injured. Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers were really bad. Over the summer, they got the best player in the NBA, Lebron James. The team also has a lot of young players which can improve over time. They can become the next Golden State Warriors in a couple of years. In the Eastern Conference, there is the Boston Celtics which is the only good team there. They can make it to the NBA Finals but will probably lose to the Warriors. That is why I won’t be watching this NBA season since the Warriors will win again for the 4th time.