Original Poem

Bean Cream


I smell it from my room

The rich scent filling my nose

Its creamy texture

Its espresso color


My mouth waters

Every time I think about it

The joy it brings to me


But the best part of all

Is the tart flavor

Of that amazing

Ice cold cream


Every time I eat it

A smile begins to grow

On my face


I feel the warmth

From that frozen liquid

Every time it hits

The tip of my tongue


I may be the only person

To ever enjoy it

But that is ok

Because I will always love it


Oh my delicious coffee ice cream!


Author’s Note

This poem is about coffee ice cream and why it is so amazing. I wrote this poem because I have a passion for ice cream and especially for coffee ice cream. This poem may not be very informational to you, but I hope it it enjoyable. You are entitled to your own opinion of which flavor is the best, but to me it is coffee ice cream.


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