Over Watch Beta


The over watch beta ended today and I have to say, wow this was great for a beta.

The thing is you have to defend a ship as it gets to the end of the course or you try to stop it. The beta alone had 24 characters which is a lot for a beta. I’ll do a rundown of most of the characters.

Reaper: duel wields shotguns with the ability to become a ghost and avoid getting shot. He also has the ability to teleport.

Mcree: a western duelist with his lever action 6 round pistol.

his ability’s are a barrel role and a flash bang to stun your enemies.

Gengi: a ninja with throwing stars. His abilities are to deflect incoming bullets with his sword. and a dash.

Tracer: This character is all about speed she duel wields machine pistols. Her abilities are to dash up to 3 times in succession, and to reverse boost.

ryanheatd: has a massive hammer with the ability to sling fire and ram people into wall.

Junkrat: Demo… nothing more needs to be said.

these are some of the characters but this isn’t even half of them. I cant wait for this game

The giver


I thought this was a great book an I can’t believe that there is more. Apparently the story goes to a different community and in the end the story’s combine. That’s crazy how 1 person can make a book with a plan that deep. I wonder what this series has to offer.

The Division


I know you have heard of books being a movie but how about a video game?

The Division is my favorite game of all time. Imagine New York with a deadly disease laying waste to the city. And now imagine that with a large group of murderers that escaped prison.

Crazy people who think burning the virus is the only way to save the city. Rowdy teens with guns and a private military. and then there is you a Division agent taking Manhattan from all of the above.


With the first wave dead or MIA and command cut off you are all that remains. Preserve what remains at ANY costs. Good luck agent, Oh and don’t be afraid to let your GPS reconnaissance/ personal status computer known as ISAC guide you

– Division command

—–comm-s—-goin– down—

ISAC: communications offline






Have you ever day dreamed in class.

I do, I dream about having a place where I am Alone somewhere safe.

Maybe on a beach or in space. Imagination can take you to amazing places. Engineers take advantage of imagination how else would they build a rocket. keep imagining to take you to great places.


galaxy-10996_1280 CC0

Far Cry 4


Far Cry 4 May be an older game but still one of my favorites. It’s a game where your apart of a rebellion and are fighting for freedom from pagan min. Pagan is the king of Kyrat and the royal army is cruel but you can change this. By liberating their outposts and taking their fortresses. Did I mention that there is co-op. take back Kyrat with your best friend at your side. There are these mini helicopters called buzzers that you and your friend can fly. The king is ruining Kyrat so down with the king or learn from the king the choice is yours.



Do you like the weapons of call of duty. The vehicles of halo well then battlefield 4 is for you.

The fight your way through China as a navy seal officer. There is at least 50 different weapons. Along with the ability to upgrade your vehicles the way you like. There are so many tanks we got water tanks normal tank and both combined.your friends can help by getting in the tank with you to help with the army

Did I mention the commander they can help by dropping supplies to an area, or calling in a AC130 gunship with a 40mm cannon with some missiles. The ability to fly jets is the greatest. I’m not very good at it but I use them to get behind enemy’s by jumping out and parachute to safety.

So bring your friends make a squad and try not to get shot.



Star Wars


I thought the new Star Wars movie was interesting.

J. J. Abrams used a lot of aspects from the originals. It was still good but I would like something new. And I would like to see something bigger besides the death death star on a bigger scale.

Overall I thought the movie was good. But I think I’ll still call the director, Jar Jar Abrams.

Phantom of the opera


To be honest I didn’t think I’d like this story that much. I groaned on the inside when I heard we’re reading it.

I was surprised that I liked it. I might have to check out the book or go get tickets to see the play. I guess it’s another case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I wonder what you guys thought did you like the music.

Leave a comment I read all of them, I think I’m gonna go to the library for some of the other books Ms.kreise suggested.



Destiny is a game by Bungee you may have forgotten it but the game is still one of the most popular games for three years.

I recently got it for Christmas and I love it. The game has an assortment of DLC’s but the taken king is their best. I got the collectors edition so I got all DLC’s and something called the spark of light which instantly levels up a character to level 25.

But I’m still still waiting for the end of side by side with friends game called Destiny.

Just cause 3


Explosions yes it’s here just cause 3 where you and Rico travel with the grapple and the new wing suit. You can destroy all of the environment. From blowing up trees. To exploding the main bridge connecting islands. The first gun you get is a rocket launcher. Your next thought is yes I love this game. Together you and Rico can free the land from the menace.