The Division


I know you have heard of books being a movie but how about a video game?

The Division is my favorite game of all time. Imagine New York with a deadly disease laying waste to the city. And now imagine that with a large group of murderers that escaped prison.

Crazy people who think burning the virus is the only way to save the city. Rowdy teens with guns and a private military. and then there is you a Division agent taking Manhattan from all of the above.


With the first wave dead or MIA and command cut off you are all that remains. Preserve what remains at ANY costs. Good luck agent, Oh and don’t be afraid to let your GPS reconnaissance/ personal status computer known as ISACĀ guide you

– Division command

—–comm-s—-goin– down—

ISAC: communications offline


One thought on “The Division

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    A New York City like that would be terrifying. I’m afraid I’d just curl up somewhere and wait for the end to find me rather than try to fight to live. I’m a wimp.

    Great voice in this! You write well, Drew.

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