Over Watch Beta


The over watch beta ended today and I have to say, wow this was great for a beta.

The thing is you have to defend a ship as it gets to the end of the course or you try to stop it. The beta alone had 24 characters which is a lot for a beta. I’ll do a rundown of most of the characters.

Reaper: duel wields shotguns with the ability to become a ghost and avoid getting shot. He also has the ability to teleport.

Mcree: a western duelist with his lever action 6 round pistol.

his ability’s are a barrel role and a flash bang to stun your enemies.

Gengi: a ninja with throwing stars. His abilities are to deflect incoming bullets with his sword. and a dash.

Tracer: This character is all about speed she duel wields machine pistols. Her abilities are to dash up to 3 times in succession, and to reverse boost.

ryanheatd: has a massive hammer with the ability to sling fire and ram people into wall.

Junkrat: Demo… nothing more needs to be said.

these are some of the characters but this isn’t even half of them. I cant wait for this game

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