Advice for Incoming 7th Graders

For 7th grade you need to be organized or you will get lost in all your homework and school work. Secondly you need to keep your papers in the rings of your binder ,the pockets will break, then you will lose all your papers. For electives stay in band, you will get to go to Fiesta Texas at the end of the year. Also take robotics and , or ,tech systems both awesome robotics classes by the best teacher, Coach spodick.

If you live in the near WRMS then ride the bus. First to cut your carbon footprint and Mr. Kint is the best bus driver. A few things you don’t need to but I suggest. Take gym rather than athletics, and if you don’t lose you pencils every day then use mechanical pencils.

The Trials….

The robotics time trials have begun and I will be the 10th person to set a time. Last semester I got second behind aidan of course! But this time the controls are different, tank drive instead of Aidan’s favorite(joystick drive). First 3 people get “no-times” (not completion the task in 2 minutes) and the fourth got 1:34. I knew that that time will be easy to beat since Aidan got 30 and I got 37 seconds. Aidan scores 48 seconds, it’s my turn to compete… I drive down the path put the bottle in the mug and drive back, 36 seconds, I can’t believe it it felt like ten minutes!

We each get 3 tries and he picks our best time to rank us. On Aidan’s second try he gets no time, because it’s a lot more time consuming when you knock the mug over. I did the same. Runner-up, behind Aidan had a time of 1:23 we had no other competition. So, I got the hundred and Aidan got the 99 that we had been battling over for the whole year!


Clawbot: The clawed robot that we drive in time trials

Time trials: You have 2:00 minutes to drive through a walkway and put a bottle in a mug and get back ASAP. Shortest time wins.



Robots whirring 

clawbots whining


when it all goes wrong

wires splicing

And pins snapping 

and moters quiting 

and cortexs’ breaking

, no replacements to be found.


Writen by: Andrew (Me)


Uav, Industrial Design, Design, Robot, Spin, Antenna

Pixabay CC0

Build Season

Metal grinding, sparks flying, this is what it’s all about
Piece by piece it comes together
From nothing comes the beast
But the day draws near when we lose our chance
To join the fight and enter the fray
So we dig in our heels and press on
Determined to finish our work.
Cut, bend, drill, weld
Sweat, bleed, break
Only a week until we’re screwed
But we band together and pool our strengths
Bolting, typing, crimping
Hammer, notebook, solder.
Go, go, go, can’t stop now.
Go, go, go, push yourself harder and harder.
We’ve got a job that we want done
A passion we need complete.
Duct tape, and Dew are the tools of our trade.
Knowledge and strength the rewards.

~David Resowski


I picked this amazing piece of poetry first because I like roboticsSecondly it well defines the stress of meeting deadlines when building a robot. Lastly it rings with the sounds of robots being build!


Three Most Interesting Places in the U.S.


If your ever visiting the United States of America, then you at least have to visit these three extraordinary places!

Boating, Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Recreation

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, A amazing site to see with the bright sun,  the nice clear water and the echo of the rocks. A small river through the rocks is perfect for kayaking, rafting ,or even canoeing. 

 Alamo Downtown, San Antonio, Texas, Alamo Plaza, Alamo

The Alamo

The Alamo, an amazing piece of history. It was once a church, but when it was attacked it was no longer a church it was a fort.



Capitol, Building, Texas, Austin, Government

The Capital Building

The capital, a great site to see with all the incredible architecture involved. It is also home the many businessmen, sometimes with a band playing in the main room.


All pictures Pixabay CC0

Why Soccer is Better than football

First soccer is just strait better than football but, there are legitimate reasons to. Soccer requires skill unlike football you don’t just try to kill the person with the ball, you have to stratigise ,pass ,and shoot. Lately I found that a U.S. Poll, it said that 54% say soccer is better. In soccer you also don’t get hurt as much, nor do you lose brain cells and therefor get dumber. Why would you even play football, if you want to try to kill them then join a boxing league . I’m going to take a poll, comment which you think is better.

I will try to update the score every day.

Soccer: football


Anything I missed? Comment below.


Lately I have been to the school vex robotics competition. Westridge has 6 teams and there are 38 teams in the tournament.

First we checked in with the robot and waited for the rest of the team (3 of us since the other 2 could’nt make it). On the vex website, the match list is being created so we find the team mates we’re with for each match and develop a plan. To win you have to shoot 4 inch balls into a 7inch triangle 6 meters away and 2 meters elevated.

We have a shooter that uses the 24 preloaded balls and gets most of them in the net. We got paired up with the worst teams because they tried to make it even. We tied for first 6 wins 0 losses. Next we went to the elimination round there are seven alliances, we got to the semifinals then got wrecked by the high school team, the best team.

Our team did well but not well enough. Next year we will win!!!


Gaming 2

One of the games I’ve been playing lately is Duet.


Duet is a game where you have 2 dots on a circle and you can spin the dots around on the circle. I know sounds like a interesting game but it actually is. With all the obstacles the game creators through at you it is very very impossibly hard!


Duet is by far one of the harder games I’ve played and best at involving  your brain. You should try it $3.99 on the App Store. It’s very interesting how such a simple game can seem so complex. Watch my video to see how it’s played!

I have also been recording it and putting it on my YouTube channel.

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The evil phantom

Down into his lair the evil phantom goes, his deep dark murderous lair. Decending he goes past a lake like pool, one that has frozen bodies of those who ran. Now just bones. He takes a decaying boat to his lair through a break in the ice, with swarms of piranhas swimming in the depths.

His lair a giant cave with a broken chandelier barely hanging from the ceiling, one light flickering the others broken. The only other thing there was was a behemoth throne made from skulls and other bones of those who have fallen to him. The phantom is dead now. though know one has the courage to comb to the phantoms lair, or in other word their tomb.


Why do I write? Because the teachers make us.

I think we should type instead, as I’m typing this. I think that we are modern people and should not need to write because these days who writes letter, who uses chalk, who uses pencils we all use technology. You type with Tech. The only thing we should need to write is for math- numbers. They teach us how to write when once we finish collage we will probably only type stuff. There for I think writing is useless. Why are we learning to write when we type for a grade!

I think we should only learn typing and reading ,not writing!