The Game

It was a nice Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the animals were all around. I wake up from a little nap as my mother tells me, “we got to go.” For a second I forgot what was going on. I suddenly remember I have a lacrosse game. Not just any game, a championship game!

My mother and I take a long drive out to Lake Travis high school. I arrive viewing hundreds of fans getting settled and music blasting.  My team was just then getting on their gear. I take a quick look and see… the Vandergrif Vipers. Every year it’s a fifty fifty, meaning one year we win the championship the next one they win the championship. Boy oh boy do we hate them. For the next hour and a half our coach yells as we warm up. Before the game starts our coach says to all of us, “alright boys today is meant for you to show what you have worked this whole year for, lets go out there and get the dub/ the w/ the win.”

The referees call the starting line on both teams to shake hands. After everyone gets into position, the very first whistle blows starting the championship game. As the game goes on it is neck and neck. One to one, two to two, three to three, four to four, and so on. Suddenly right before half I go to hit a player that has the ball. I hit him very hard and take the ball. I head down towards the field and notice he is coming after me. He hits from behind very hard and as I fall he steps on me with his cleat breaking my thumb after dislocating it. I quickly get off the field and never return.

My mother takes me to the ER and gets me fixed up. Before I could return to watch my team I here news that three other kids got hurt and we lost by four goals. I was very upset but realized there is always next year. With a new year comes a new opportunity to win.



This summer I am excited because I get to see my grandparents, play ice hockey, and do community service.

Usually every summer I am playing a lot of ice hockey but this year, we are not doing as much so I can hang out with my grandparents. I never really get to see them so when I do, I make sure I spend my time wisely. When I am at their house in Michigan we do a lot of things like go hang out at the park, go cray fishing , and best of all go to their lake house. At their lake house we always fish, swim, and do these huge rope swings. Overall every time I am at their houses it is a great time even if I don’t see them that much.

Another great thing I get to do this summer is go up to Canada, usually Toronto Ontario to play some ice hockey. This year is going to be very competitive for me but it will be fun because it is what I love to do. When I am their I will be playing pretty much everyday through every week, but on the weekend I get to go to Canadas Wonderland, a huge amusement park. At Canada’s wonderland there is a ride called the Leviathan, which is the worlds fifth largest roller coaster. The drops on the ride aren’t to big, but their is a 346ft flip! There are many of rides I love but the Leviathan is my favorite.

Since after eighth grade I am going to a boarding school I have to do some community service to look good on my resime. My mother and father have signed me up for things like change for kids, kids helping kids, and many other charity services. Throughout my eighth grade year I will also be doing NJS/ National Junior Society. I can’t wait to help people.

This year my summer is really looking great. I can’t wait to play some hockey, see my grandparents, and help out other people. Summer here I come.


Yesterday April 6 on a Thursday, my choir left school at 12:00 to go to a UIL singing and sight reading competition in Laredo.

We have been preparing for this competition since the beginning of the year. I felt like our group was not prepared and joked around too much, but we got solid ones and twos.

How the judges rate our scores is by giving us a number. For example, 5 awful- 4 decent- 3 average- 2 excellent- 1 fenominal. So the fact that we got all ones and twos even while not focusing during warmups and practices is really good.

I am very proud of our group and glad that we won the first trophy for our new choir room.

La Jolla California

In about two weeks I will be going to a special place in California.

La Jolla is a little part of California located right on the ocean. My father has rented a house and all my cousins and grandparents are coming. I can’t wait to go surfing and snorkeling.

Whenever I am at a beach I bring my skim board. It’s a board that gives you the ability to skim across the waves. I am pretty good at it, so I want to try surfing. Surfing is just a bigger more difficult version of skim boarding.

Snorkeling is another fun part of being at a beach. I have only been snorkeling in Hawaii one time and it was so coool. I saw the smallest fish in the area we were in, and it was double the size of me. I can’t wait to see some weird oddly large fish in the ocean.

La Jolla I know will be a wonderful experience because I get to snorkel, surf, and hang out with my family friends that I haven’t seen in some time.



My lacrosse season is soon going to start this Saturday. Last week I did my tryouts and made the A team.

I am super excited for this season because a bunch of my friends from school made the team. We are going to play against many other teams including Vandergriff, Lake Travis, and Driping Springs.That is just a couple of the teams we are going to play. Some teams are going to be very good and since we are very good we have to play a lot of eight graders. This season is going to be tough but I know we can do it.

I am super excited and can’t wait to win some games.


It is now soon going to be the end of my basketball season. Throughout my basketball season there has been angered, happy, and sad moments.

Every Tuesday or Thursday we would have a basketball game. We would have a practice in the morning, then we had to get changed into fancy clothes for the rest of the day at school.

Some angry moments I have had throughout this season were that we would have to dress up, we would lose games, and we would get big punishments for little mistakes. Having to dress up for school when there is a game I think is very mature but not comfortable. Wearing these button down shirts and ties and khaki pants should’ve been a rule made only in 8th grade. I think we are still to young.

Some other angry moments I have had have been during the beginning and ending of the game. Sometimes I will get super mad because we are down a lot points, but sometimes it helps because that anger turns into energy. During the ending of the game when and if we do lose I just get mad because losing sucks but I tell myself what I need to do better.

Finally, getting punished for little mistakes makes me super angry. Sometimes during a game we will make little mistakes towards the end that will cost us the game. What sucks about making little mistakes is that the next day all we do is run. I know running helps you get stronger but we all have to admit running is not fun. So getting punished for little things absolutely sucks.

Some happy moments I have had have really only been the team practices and winning games.

The reason why team practices makes me happy is because I get to hang out with some of my good friends while playing basketball. We all get to see each other make mistakes so when I make mistakes I notice I am not the only one. Winning games makes me happy because I get to say to myself I tried and worked as hard as I could and it resulted as a victory. I also get to leave the court in a great mood.

Some sad moments I have had during my basketball season were the times when we would go on a 6 or 7 game losing streak. Those times sucked and the team would always feel down on themselves so we would go into the next game non energetic and disappointed.

Overall this season has had its ups and downs but all together I have had a great time.

Chicago Hockey Tournament

This past weekend I was in Chicago for a hockey tournament. We played many new teams at many new rinks.

I missed school on Friday because we had a early flight to Chicago. We first had to fly to Dallas then we had to transfer to a different plane to go to Chicago.

The next day was Saturday, I again had to wake up early to play our first game against the Elmbrok Leafs. They we very good and beat us 5-1 .  When the game was over it was only 12:00, so our team had lunch then went to the city to go to the ribbon. It is like the sky line in New York but made out of ice. It was so fun!

After that fun day it was Sunday. I again had to wake up early to play our second game against the Kansas City Mavericks. We won 5 to 3. After that game it was about 1:00pm, everyone got lunch and went back to the hotel. We hanged out at the hotel until 7:00pm when had to go to our third game. We played hard and won again from a penalty shot 5-4. We were so tired.

The final day Monday. We again woke up early to play our final game against the Elmbrok Eagles. These guys were even better than the other Elmbrok team but we fought hard to try to make it to the championship. Sadly we lost 5-4. After that game we had to go back to Austin.

Overall this tournament was very fun and we got 3rd place and went 2wins and 2 loses meaning 2-2 .


Winter break

This winter break I will be going up to New York and Montana to see family and friends.

For the first week of winter break I will be going up to New York to see my father and his friends. My sister will be joining my father and I only for three days, then she will go back to Austin.

I am super excited to be in New York because I will get to see some professional Ice Hockey games, play in the snow at Central Park, and hang out at my dads cool office during work. I can’t wait for New York!

On the second week of winter break I will be going up to Montana with my mother and sister. Everyone on my moms side of the family will be joining us. My grandparents on my mothers side have a big house so they can fit everyone. The people coming will be Uncle Steve and Aunt Cynthia with there children Gabby, Bella, Danny, and Zach. Then there will be Uncle Todd and his fiancé, Uncle Brad and Aunt Lindsey with there children Nash and Avery, and finally my grandparents Memes and Pop.

During that final week of winter break everyone will be skiing, snowboarding, and playing in the snow.

I can’t wait to see the family eat some good warm food and enjoy the holiday weekend break.

Dallas Hockey Tournament

This Friday I won’t be at school because I am going to Dallas for a hockey tournament.

This year we are in a higher level again so we get to play much harder teams. Some of those teams are Dallas Elite, North Vancouver, Hc Dallas, Sanatonio Rampage, and the Brahmans. We have played most of these teams already but I know it will still be difficult.

Alhough we have played most of these teams they are now a lot stronger. What I mean is that we are playing the same team but different kids on that team because they are in a higher league. It will be a good challenge but I know we will do good because I feel we have a lot of strength going into this tournament as well.

I hope we do good and can’t wait to hangout with my teammates in Dallas.

Boarding School

After 8th grade I will be hopefully going to a boarding up north or up east where there is good acedemics and hockey.

The reason why I want to go to a boarding school is because I play ice hockey. There isn’t any highschool in Texas that has good hockey so going up north would be a big advantage. The reason why it would be such a advantage to go up north  is because they have a lot of ice hockey. Also a big part of boarding I want to focus on are the academics. I am also trying to find a good boarding school with great academics because I want a good education for when I grow up. A couple of weeks ago I went to a boarding school meeting to figure out the main reasons why I should even go to boarding school and one important one they listed was that boarding school helps shape you into a better person. Meaning they help you act more mature and give you more responsibility.

I think it would be great if I could go to boarding school because it will make me into a better person and help me pursue my dreams.


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