An Amazing Cycle

Water slowly drip down drips down the crumbling walls of skyscrapers. Molten metal sizzles as the rain provides a cool kiss. Ash turns into a soft substance before riding the water down the cracked streets. A large crater sits as still as the residents of this crumbling relic, the air stings with vast amounts of radiation.

Sitting on the end of a street is the remains of a bakery, what was once a prosperous utopia is now the husk of a dead memory. Balloons fly, no longer attached to their child, floating aimlessly to a distant locations.

Sunlight breaks through the the bleak clouds, reflecting of the shards of glass. Quickly it envelopes the entire city, bathing it, before landing on a seed. Time will pass on and that seed will grow into a towering tree, sheltering whatever may come to lay underneath it. Time will go on until the memory of this city is a legend, before becoming a myth, before finally becoming forgotten all together. Although the memory is all but dead, the new life will still bare the scars.

7 thoughts on “An Amazing Cycle

  1. I really liked your short story and how descriptive you where. I could really imagine and see a vivid image of what you are writing. I also really liked the message the story was giving in the end, how new life was going to happen.


  2. I made it to have to meanings. One, it is the cycle of rebirth. Two, it shows that when we destroy something we are also creating another object or idea.

  3. I like the exaggeration “riding water down the slope” you can really picture it with the detail.
    It has lots of meaning to.i also liked how there was a story involved

  4. I love the fact that you put so much detail in this writing! I can imagine what this scene would look like. I did notice a typo, instead of “landing on a seed.”, you wrote “lading on a seed.” I think this is great writing!!

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