The Fox

Inspired by “The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt

Her body was narrow
Slim with starvation
Dry with dehydration
Constricted with suffocation
Crystal blue, now tinted grey were her eyes
She stalks, hidden from site
Narrowing with a focused gaze
Her eyes track the frolicking hare
Quick feet,
Sharp teeth,
Witty decisions,
Her eyes darken ever more
Coat of white, heart of blue,
For there is not a sanctuary

By: me

2 thoughts on “The Fox

  1. This is seriously PERFECTION! You are honestly the best writer I know! I personally think that you should dedicate this poem to me …. I mean if you would like to. I LOVE it! Comment on my blog , I have some new posts for you to look at!

    😉 Esme

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