My Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Submission

On December 16 of this year, I submitted a writing piece entitled “When the Bells Ring” to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. This was a very important moment for me because it allowed me to share my writing with a larger audience. This means that I am also able to experience more diversity.

My writing piece is in my eyes a challenge to traditional thinking. With the encouragement of the deadline, I was able create something that was abstract but still had structure. It was shaped around the emotions of what I perceived around me. Ever changing, I continued to edit and revise your piece. I looked for the tiniest of details that could have distracted or mislead the reader. Then after the long process, I felt that it was complete.

On December 16 of this year, I submitted a writing piece to be critiqued and judged. This will be the testament of the beginning my tedious career as a writer. Whether or not my piece is successful, I still have hope for the future.


Writing is an expression of the mind and body. Our body obeys commands and moves to create the piece on the page, while our mind is a unit of brain cells combined to make one sentience. This sentience will be our greatest asset and our heaviest burden, it will allow us to create and build as we see fit but it is these very creations that will allow us to see how far away we are from our goal.

pen Wirawat Lian-udom via Compfight