Three Breath Taking Sites In Texas

Texas is a vast state inside the expansive United States. It’s people as diverse as it’s landscape. This list provides crucial information into Texas’s most awe inspiring locations.

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Space Central Houston

In the largest city in Texas, lies the gate way to other worlds. Space Central Houston has provided visitors with an unparalleled experience. Rediscovering the past and uncovering the future, visitors will never leave without new found knowledge.


Big Bend National Park

Lying on the border between Mexico and the United States, Big Bend National Park offers a incredible of the surrounding desert and the Rio Grande River. Big Bend’s endless trains provide hiking for any adventurer, and it’s   campsites allow a place to relax under the colorful rays of sunlight as the sun disappears under the mountains.

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In the Deep South of the United States, there lies a strange oddity. Fredericksburg is a town driven by culture. It’s narrow streets provided a Texan’s look into the german style of life. Selling bazar and intricate item, shops line the streets. The air carries the ever present strong scent of fudge and schnitzel.