My ISR book: Room of Shadows by Ronald Kidd

My independent silent reading book is called “Room of Shadows”, and the author is Ronald Kidd. The book is about a boy named David Cray and he has just moved with his mother into an unnervingly odd house. He’s at a new school with new students, some (actually, a LOT) that are mean. But how does that add to the story? Something weird happens whenever a mean kid embarrasses or hurts David. After the incidents, the mean kid always ends up in danger of death caused by a mysterious person. This person is called the “Raven”, and no one knows who it is, but this figure seems to be influenced by David’s anger. The Raven also seems to be tied to a secret room that David found in his new house. The room has a small statue of a raven and whenever David enters this room, he feels extremely compelled to write about things he had never thought of before. He feels “possessed” in a way and has cryptic dreams all circling around the writer Edgar Allen Poe. His only friend at his school is a girl named Libby and she’s the only person that knows about his situation. How will David be able to overcome his split personality and figure out what’s terrorizing the bullies?

2 thoughts on “My ISR book: Room of Shadows by Ronald Kidd

  1. I love your summary! You included so much detail and thought into each sentence. I really want to read the book now. Do you think I will be able to find it in the school library?

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