My super cool picture.

Dinosaurs are awesome(Like me).

Dinosaurs lived for about 160 million years, while humans have lived for about 17,000 years. The first Dinosaurs lived about 225 million years ago, and were the size of chickens. But by the time of their death, they had grown to about 50 tennis 🎾 courts long, and 6 stories tall. But, their descendents, the birds, are still living, so technically, we are still in the dinosaur reign. So, they’re awesome. Like me.

Book I read

I am currently reading the “Brixton Brothers. I am at the end.
Ms. Gilfeather is Mr.E, and the Maguffin quilt is inside the big box 📦 in the library 📚 front. After they escaped from the fishing boat Steve had ice cream. He raced in a police cruiser to the library 📚 after he solved the case. He raced in front of everyone and explained his deductions. Then he caught Ms. Gilfeather. He first got wrapped up in the case, when he researched early American needlework. He set off an alarm 🚨 that alerted everyone and was caught by Mackintosh, and Ms. Bunt. He was interrogated, but he escaped and ran to the police 🚔 station. He was asked about his ordeal, but Macintosh, faxed a wanted poster to the station. He barely escapes. Then runs home and gets his detective gear, and goes to his friend Dana’s house, where he learns about Doug Graves.

Something I learned

This is something I learned about. It is the Indus Valley civilization, a culture that lived from 2600 BC, to 1900 BC, in the Indus Valley, near Pakistan 🇵🇰 and India 🇮🇳. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

My funny dream.

The key to having a happy life is having fun 80% of the time. And the only way to do that, is to have good dreams, like the one I had last night. I was running on the Great Wall of China with Kublai Kahn chasing me on horseback. He pulled back his bowstring and was ready to fire when I raced through a portal leading to Jupiter. Kublai Kahn raced through after me, and was tackled by a space pirate. Then I was made leader of a space cowboy army that was fighting the Mongol army. Then a group of space dogs riding flying horses rammed into all the Mongols who reatreted through the portal. Then the Space dogs turned on us. They threw my army through another portal which landed in a West Ridge Middle School football 🏈 game. The Quarterback was going to be sacked but I landed on the sacker and saved West Ridge from being decimated.