Every Tuesday and Thursday I have soccer practice, and on the weekend I usually have soccer games. I play on a FC Westlake soccer team with some girls I know from school and some I had on my old team. Some girls on my team individually can get off task but when we all work together as a team we are supportive and cooperative. But recently I have been trying to be a better player. I have been doing some training and running to get faster and more skilled. When I grow up I want to be on the USA Women Soccer Team. My parents are trying to make that happen by signing me up for college camps, training, and just playing in my yard with my older sister. Me and my older sister do everything that involves soccer together. Which is nice that I have someone to do soccer with. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

One thought on “Soccer

  1. What a great photo to accompany your post. I hope you keep me posted on how your soccer career is going over the year.

    It sounds like you have a great family who is really supportive. I love how they are trying to work with you and support you in your goal. I love getting to know this part of you.

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