Darkness Part 4

He was my brother. I knew he had run away from home at a very young age, but I never thought that he turned evil and was planning on taking over the world or something like that! What was I needed for? I decided that I would play along and try to figure his plan out little by little. The next day for breakfast I got some stale bread and water. It seemed like that’s all I would be eating for quite a while. My guard led me to the throne room, my brother was there. ” What do you want brother?” I said, he merely laughed. “Oh yes, you have finally figured out that I was your brother, took you long enough!” Suddenly the door slammed open, and a dark hooded figure came in carrying a staff. My brother immediately came down on his knees. ” He-hello master.” He mumbled. The figure tossed his staff in the air, it immediately changed into a wand. I suddenly knew who the dark cloaked man was, he was the only wizard in the world, he was the powerful Gan.

3 thoughts on “Darkness Part 4

  1. Hi Annabelle
    This is an amazing story. I really enjoyed reading it! What happens next?
    I also love the virtual penguin pet. It is so cute!

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