Darkness Part 9

I couldn’t believe it! This man was my access to the president. I thanked my lucky stars he survived through that painful attack.
If he hadn’t, well I probably be stuck in that horrific cell for the rest of my days. Speaking of days, I hadn’t been able to count the days with all the event going on. My birthday was pretty soon when I got kidnapped. Maybe I could ask the Lord what the date was.
I looked over at the Secret Service guy and saw that he was awake. I got out of bed with all of my muscles groaning, and walked over to his bed. He looked at me. He looked much better than before, for he seemed to be more comfortable with all of his injuries.
“How are you?” I questioned.
“I’m feeling much better than before. I can walk now.” he answered.
I suddenly realized something and quickly said,”If you can walk then that means the Lord will probably move us back to the cell. You have to listen to me, if he questions anything about what we will discuss,” I took a breath,”then DO NOT say anything!”
“I got it, I was trained for this you know.” the man said.
Suddenly the door banged open, and the Lord, flanked by his usual guards, entered the room. He smiled and gestured at the guards to chain and take us. They walked over and roughly shoved my hands behind my back and handcuffed them. They did the same to the man. He took us to his throne room.
“We have a visitor!” the Lord said in a sing song voice.
I wondered who this “visitor” was. I hoped it involve knife throwing. As we entered the throne room I saw a man standing in the center of it. Who was he?
“This, my wonderful captives, is a prophet. He has a gift from Apollo himself. He will now give us a prophecy that will change the world.” the Lord said cheerfully.
The prophet opened his mouth, his eyes glowed green, and he stiffened.
“2 shall enter into the room of darkness,”
“1 shall suffer the fire of the gods,”
“1 shall be turned in the land with no light,”
“1 decision shall decide the fate of mankind.”

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