Darkness Part 10

I was stunned. I had never seen anything like it. A man that could speak the future. Whoah, just whoah. The prophet promptly collapsed. The guards rushed forward and lifted him up, supporting him by his arms. My mind was whirling. This prophecy…it could change everything! I had to remember every word of it. I closed my eyes and concentrated,

“2 shall enter into the room of darkness,”
“1 shall suffer the fire of the gods,”
“1 shall be turned in the land with no light,”
“1 decision shall decide the fate of mankind.”

I decided I would have to discuss this with my new cellmate later. I glanced at the Lord; it seemed he was quietly pondering the new prophecy.

“My Lord,”one of the guards said,”where would you like us to take this man?”

“Take him to one of the guest rooms!”the Lord snapped.”Also take the girl and the man to their cell.”

The guards cuffed our hands behind our backs and ushered us forward. Once we were back in the cell I immediately turned to Mr. Secret Service.

2 thoughts on “Darkness Part 10

  1. I like how you ended on a cliff hanger and you held the readers attention through out the story .I also like how you worded the prophecy! Very good writing!

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