Darkness Part 12

“I believe you have already met my master,” the Lord said.

“I don’t believe I have,” I said.

“Well then, this is Master Gan, Master Gan this is my little bratty sister,” the Lord said cruelly.

Suddenly the memory clicked. I remember seeing him about a week ago! Of course…he was the most powerful wizard in the world!!!! Well that’s just great, he’s on the bad side; I’m in captivity with no way of saving the world.

“Tomorrow will be doomsday; at that time our plan will begin,” the Lord laughed.

Great, just great. We had at least 12 hours to figure out the stupid prophecy while Gan was keeping an eye on us. One wrong move and POOF! I could be turned into bacon for all I know. I had a full life in front of me…or I hoped I did. I had no intention of being turned into bacon anytime soon. I wanted to scream my lungs out. It’s going to be the worst day ever tomorrow!

Well, this might be my last day alive so might as well end it in a good spirit. Tootle Doo!

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