7th Grade Reflection

I spent one week in 8th grade math. Working hard at home, I studied, and studied, and studied. The 2nd week of school presented me with a new challenge: conquering Algebra 1. Skipping a whole year of math is very hard to achieve. It foreshadows a year long road of bumps ahead.

I struggled to keep an A. But now I am here, at the end of the long road with only one month left. I look back at the bumps and see them as learning experiences. My 7th grade journey has been a memorable one. But still I am face with new challenges as each week turns into history. Next week hands me a math EOC. The week after that a english STAAR test paired with a math semester final. Finally, a math Final Exam.

One of these math tests will determine 50% of my final averauge. These may be the 4 last bumps of my 7th grade life, but for sure are the biggest ones on the road. Soon the year will end, hugs will be shared, and tears will be shed. But at the start of my 8th grade life, I will always remember my teachers. Those who helped me through this amazing school year. Thank you for all you have done for everyone. I am thankful for this great community that surrounds me. A community of support and encouragement through everything.


I wrote a poem about penguins because they are my favorite animals. Penguins are the cutest animals in the world! I used rhyming to help along the flow of the poem. My favorite part is the first 2 lines. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle.


By: Annabelle G.

Penguin, Funny, Blue, Water, AnimalPixabay CC0


Penguins swaying side to side
Waddling towards the blue seaside
Looking for the fish that glide
To feed their little penguin minds.

3 Amazing National Parks In America.

Do you love the nature? Whether you are a photographer, a hiker, or an adventurist, national parks are the place for you! Here are some of the most amazing parks in the USA.

Yosemite National Park

Scene, Yosemite, Half Dome, California, West CoastPixabay CC0

Yosemite is locate in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. From personal experience, this national park has a packaged deal. At sunset there is an amazing view of the wildlife that surrounds you. During the day, there are hiking trails for people looking for a light hike, but also trails for masters that prefer the mile long hikes. Surrounding you at all times are lush, green plants, trees, bushes. If you are an insect fanatic, you are guaranteed to find thousands of different species hiding in the trees. Yosemite is a must visit national treasure!

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Landscape, Rocks, WaterPixabay CC0

Located in northwestern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is just like it’s name. A grand old canyon! The Grand Canyon was formed when the Colorado River slowly weathered away the rock. Forming a gorgeous canyon! At the Grand Canyon you have the opportunity to hike all the way to the bottom. At the bottom, a popular activity is white water rafting. Don’t miss the thrill of your life and head on over to this national park.

Yellowstone National Park

Great Fountain Geyser, Yellowstone, Sunset, WyomingPixabay CC0

Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming. A great highlight to this park are the geysers. Every so often, a geyser will shoot out steaming hot water. This is a very amazing sight to see. You do not want to miss out!

because of mr. terupt

You are probably wondering why didn’t capitalize the title of this post. Well, that is because on the cover of the book, “because of mr. terupt,” it is not capitalized.

I recently read this book. It is amazing! (Spoiler alert!!!!) This book is about a group of kids who are entering the cruel world of 5th grade. They have a new “newbie” teacher called Mr. Terupt. Although right now you are probably thinking, “Oh, it’s just another book about the drama of 5th grade and blah blah blah.” If it was like that it would definitely be a pretty boring book. But actually, these 7 main characters do not get along very well. Jessica, the new girl, smart, and perceptive. Alexia, a bully, your friend one second, your enemy the next. Peter, class prankster and troublemaker. Luke, the brain. Danielle, who never stands up for herself. Anna, shy, and whose home situation makes her an outcast. Jeffery, who absolutely positively hates school.

The only person who seems to know how to deal with them all at once is Mr. Terupt. But then, on a snowy winter day, an accident happens that leaves the students in misery. Each student had come to like Mr. Terupt, he made everything fun. He was a very special teacher. But when a snowball is thrown, it leaves their special teacher in a coma. But despite of this, he somehow helps each and every one of them with family, and school problems.

In my opinion this book gets very intense. At some parts, you just want to cry. Other parts, you want to smile like you’ve never smiled before. This book is a page turner, it’s text will suck you in and make you never want to stop reading. I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for a short fiction story.


Math is a very hard subject! So many tiny details in every problem.

Tick tock tick tock, students glance nervously at the clock. Math test, it’s obvious. With so many details needed to be written, it’s always a race against the clock. If you don’t write all those details…point off, maybe even 2! With having to remember all those tiny details, math is the hardest subject for most people. Plus me!!

Have I ever gotten a 100% on a math test? Yes, in fact I have. Is it common for me to get a 100%? NO! Sometimes in test days I feel like my brain is exploding from all those tiny details. I just want to get the test over with so I don’t have to stress out about all the vocabulary, and remembering to define the variables. UGH!

RING!! “Noooo!!!!”students sob. That’s the bell and I was on my last problem!




Darkness Part 12

“I believe you have already met my master,” the Lord said.

“I don’t believe I have,” I said.

“Well then, this is Master Gan, Master Gan this is my little bratty sister,” the Lord said cruelly.

Suddenly the memory clicked. I remember seeing him about a week ago! Of course…he was the most powerful wizard in the world!!!! Well that’s just great, he’s on the bad side; I’m in captivity with no way of saving the world.

“Tomorrow will be doomsday; at that time our plan will begin,” the Lord laughed.

Great, just great. We had at least 12 hours to figure out the stupid prophecy while Gan was keeping an eye on us. One wrong move and POOF! I could be turned into bacon for all I know. I had a full life in front of me…or I hoped I did. I had no intention of being turned into bacon anytime soon. I wanted to scream my lungs out. It’s going to be the worst day ever tomorrow!

Well, this might be my last day alive so might as well end it in a good spirit. Tootle Doo!

Super Bowl 50!!!! Broncos Or Panthers??

“3! 2! 1! The Broncos win the game and are off to Super Bowl 50!” All bets are on the Carolina Panthers as we creep closer, and closer to the Super Bowl.Why are all odds against the Broncos? They shouldn’t be.

Will the Panthers crush the Broncos this Sunday? I dare to say NO!! Broncos went against the odds and defeated the New England Patriots. In that game all odds were also against the Broncos. They have overcome all the challenges they have faced. This season they only lost 2 games!

If fan spirit can push the Broncos to the finish line, us Broncos fans will do more than cheer!! I cheer for the Broncos because my family lived in Denver before moving here. When we lived in Denver, we would always cheer for them. They are our home team.

This Sunday you will find me on the couch, wearing orange and blue, Watching the Panthers get their butt kicked. The Broncos will CRUSH! (Comment below which team you are cheering for.)

(P.S. Next week I will continue on Darkness. I interrupted it with this Super Bowl post because it is a couple of days before the Super Bowl)

Darkness Part 11

“What do you think of it?” I asked Mr. Secret Service.

“Think of what?” he said.

“What do you think of that prophecy,” I exclaimed. Sometimes people just miss the key things in life!

“I don’t know what it means. Give me some time to ponder it,” he said.

“That will do,”I sighed. I sat down against a wall. I also needed to think about the prophecy. “Let’s go one line at a time,”I thought.

“2 shall enter the room of darkness”

Hmm…the 2 people could very well be Mr. Sunglasses and I. The room of darkness? Never heard of one in my life. Probably a room that’s pitch black. What does a room of darkness have to do with anything?!? My cruel brother is probably going to destroy the world in a couple of days and I’m supposed to go into a dark room?? It doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving this dump anytime soon. UGH!! My priority list is completely messed up. Am I supposed to focus on a stupid prophecy about the world ending, or am I supposed to focus on the fact the world is ending?


“Have you happen to have seen or been in a room of darkness?” I asked Mr. Sunglasses.

“No, I don’t think I have.” he replied.

“Well THAT helps a lot.” I grumbled sarcastically.

Once again, I heard the familiar sound of our cell door banging open. 2 guards marched in before I could say more. We were cuffed and dragged to the throne room. The Lord was there like always. But this time there was another strange man. He practically radiated evil. A memory stirred in the back of my mind; but I couldn’t quite grasp it.

“Welcome back,” my brother said,”it’s time for the fun to begin.”

Darkness Part 10

I was stunned. I had never seen anything like it. A man that could speak the future. Whoah, just whoah. The prophet promptly collapsed. The guards rushed forward and lifted him up, supporting him by his arms. My mind was whirling. This prophecy…it could change everything! I had to remember every word of it. I closed my eyes and concentrated,

“2 shall enter into the room of darkness,”
“1 shall suffer the fire of the gods,”
“1 shall be turned in the land with no light,”
“1 decision shall decide the fate of mankind.”

I decided I would have to discuss this with my new cellmate later. I glanced at the Lord; it seemed he was quietly pondering the new prophecy.

“My Lord,”one of the guards said,”where would you like us to take this man?”

“Take him to one of the guest rooms!”the Lord snapped.”Also take the girl and the man to their cell.”

The guards cuffed our hands behind our backs and ushered us forward. Once we were back in the cell I immediately turned to Mr. Secret Service.

Darkness Part 9

I couldn’t believe it! This man was my access to the president. I thanked my lucky stars he survived through that painful attack.
If he hadn’t, well I probably be stuck in that horrific cell for the rest of my days. Speaking of days, I hadn’t been able to count the days with all the event going on. My birthday was pretty soon when I got kidnapped. Maybe I could ask the Lord what the date was.
I looked over at the Secret Service guy and saw that he was awake. I got out of bed with all of my muscles groaning, and walked over to his bed. He looked at me. He looked much better than before, for he seemed to be more comfortable with all of his injuries.
“How are you?” I questioned.
“I’m feeling much better than before. I can walk now.” he answered.
I suddenly realized something and quickly said,”If you can walk then that means the Lord will probably move us back to the cell. You have to listen to me, if he questions anything about what we will discuss,” I took a breath,”then DO NOT say anything!”
“I got it, I was trained for this you know.” the man said.
Suddenly the door banged open, and the Lord, flanked by his usual guards, entered the room. He smiled and gestured at the guards to chain and take us. They walked over and roughly shoved my hands behind my back and handcuffed them. They did the same to the man. He took us to his throne room.
“We have a visitor!” the Lord said in a sing song voice.
I wondered who this “visitor” was. I hoped it involve knife throwing. As we entered the throne room I saw a man standing in the center of it. Who was he?
“This, my wonderful captives, is a prophet. He has a gift from Apollo himself. He will now give us a prophecy that will change the world.” the Lord said cheerfully.
The prophet opened his mouth, his eyes glowed green, and he stiffened.
“2 shall enter into the room of darkness,”
“1 shall suffer the fire of the gods,”
“1 shall be turned in the land with no light,”
“1 decision shall decide the fate of mankind.”