Darkness Part 12

“I believe you have already met my master,” the Lord said.

“I don’t believe I have,” I said.

“Well then, this is Master Gan, Master Gan this is my little bratty sister,” the Lord said cruelly.

Suddenly the memory clicked. I remember seeing him about a week ago! Of course…he was the most powerful wizard in the world!!!! Well that’s just great, he’s on the bad side; I’m in captivity with no way of saving the world.

“Tomorrow will be doomsday; at that time our plan will begin,” the Lord laughed.

Great, just great. We had at least 12 hours to figure out the stupid prophecy while Gan was keeping an eye on us. One wrong move and POOF! I could be turned into bacon for all I know. I had a full life in front of me…or I hoped I did. I had no intention of being turned into bacon anytime soon. I wanted to scream my lungs out. It’s going to be the worst day ever tomorrow!

Well, this might be my last day alive so might as well end it in a good spirit. Tootle Doo!

Darkness Part 11

“What do you think of it?” I asked Mr. Secret Service.

“Think of what?” he said.

“What do you think of that prophecy,” I exclaimed. Sometimes people just miss the key things in life!

“I don’t know what it means. Give me some time to ponder it,” he said.

“That will do,”I sighed. I sat down against a wall. I also needed to think about the prophecy. “Let’s go one line at a time,”I thought.

“2 shall enter the room of darkness”

Hmm…the 2 people could very well be Mr. Sunglasses and I. The room of darkness? Never heard of one in my life. Probably a room that’s pitch black. What does a room of darkness have to do with anything?!? My cruel brother is probably going to destroy the world in a couple of days and I’m supposed to go into a dark room?? It doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving this dump anytime soon. UGH!! My priority list is completely messed up. Am I supposed to focus on a stupid prophecy about the world ending, or am I supposed to focus on the fact the world is ending?


“Have you happen to have seen or been in a room of darkness?” I asked Mr. Sunglasses.

“No, I don’t think I have.” he replied.

“Well THAT helps a lot.” I grumbled sarcastically.

Once again, I heard the familiar sound of our cell door banging open. 2 guards marched in before I could say more. We were cuffed and dragged to the throne room. The Lord was there like always. But this time there was another strange man. He practically radiated evil. A memory stirred in the back of my mind; but I couldn’t quite grasp it.

“Welcome back,” my brother said,”it’s time for the fun to begin.”

Darkness Part 10

I was stunned. I had never seen anything like it. A man that could speak the future. Whoah, just whoah. The prophet promptly collapsed. The guards rushed forward and lifted him up, supporting him by his arms. My mind was whirling. This prophecy…it could change everything! I had to remember every word of it. I closed my eyes and concentrated,

“2 shall enter into the room of darkness,”
“1 shall suffer the fire of the gods,”
“1 shall be turned in the land with no light,”
“1 decision shall decide the fate of mankind.”

I decided I would have to discuss this with my new cellmate later. I glanced at the Lord; it seemed he was quietly pondering the new prophecy.

“My Lord,”one of the guards said,”where would you like us to take this man?”

“Take him to one of the guest rooms!”the Lord snapped.”Also take the girl and the man to their cell.”

The guards cuffed our hands behind our backs and ushered us forward. Once we were back in the cell I immediately turned to Mr. Secret Service.

Darkness Part 9

I couldn’t believe it! This man was my access to the president. I thanked my lucky stars he survived through that painful attack.
If he hadn’t, well I probably be stuck in that horrific cell for the rest of my days. Speaking of days, I hadn’t been able to count the days with all the event going on. My birthday was pretty soon when I got kidnapped. Maybe I could ask the Lord what the date was.
I looked over at the Secret Service guy and saw that he was awake. I got out of bed with all of my muscles groaning, and walked over to his bed. He looked at me. He looked much better than before, for he seemed to be more comfortable with all of his injuries.
“How are you?” I questioned.
“I’m feeling much better than before. I can walk now.” he answered.
I suddenly realized something and quickly said,”If you can walk then that means the Lord will probably move us back to the cell. You have to listen to me, if he questions anything about what we will discuss,” I took a breath,”then DO NOT say anything!”
“I got it, I was trained for this you know.” the man said.
Suddenly the door banged open, and the Lord, flanked by his usual guards, entered the room. He smiled and gestured at the guards to chain and take us. They walked over and roughly shoved my hands behind my back and handcuffed them. They did the same to the man. He took us to his throne room.
“We have a visitor!” the Lord said in a sing song voice.
I wondered who this “visitor” was. I hoped it involve knife throwing. As we entered the throne room I saw a man standing in the center of it. Who was he?
“This, my wonderful captives, is a prophet. He has a gift from Apollo himself. He will now give us a prophecy that will change the world.” the Lord said cheerfully.
The prophet opened his mouth, his eyes glowed green, and he stiffened.
“2 shall enter into the room of darkness,”
“1 shall suffer the fire of the gods,”
“1 shall be turned in the land with no light,”
“1 decision shall decide the fate of mankind.”

Darkness Part 8

Finally after what seemed like a year of my life the mystery man woke up. He groaned in pain. I quickly got up despite the agony in my leg.
“Hello,” I whispered to the man, “how are you feeling?”
“Wh-where am I?” he groaned.
“You are in the Lords hospital room.” I said.
“How did I ge-get here?” he asked.
“As I recall, you tried to attack the Lord, but miserably failed. Then you got 12 knives thrown at you from guards.” I remembered. “Umm…who are you, and why are you in the hospital room?” the man asked.
“Well, I was kidnapped by the Lord,” I said suddenly mad,”and I’m here because when YOU ATTACKED SOME OF THOSE KNIVES HIT ME!” I shouted. This man was the reason why I was in this much pain!
“Oh…well I’m really sorry, but do you know what the Lord will do with me?”
“Yes, your going to be thrown in the cell room with me.” I answered.

Darkness Part 7

I woke up to pain. I looked up and noticed that I was in some kind of infirmary. I was laying on a bed. A bed! I hadn’t slept on a bed in 3 days, it felt so comfortable. If it hadn’t been for the horrible throbbing in my leg I might of actually liked it. I looked at my leg for the first time, it was covered in a snow white bandage. I looked at the bed next to mine, the warrior that attacked was now unconscious. The warrior had both arms bandaged and a leg bandaged. Suddenly, the door slammed open. The Lord came in flanked by 4 guards. He walked over to my bed and smiled with fake sympathy. “I’m sorry you had  to experience that attack, we have had slight difficulties with our security.” He said. “I noticed that.” I murmured under my breath. “Our friend here will be spending the rest of his life with you in your cell by the way.” The Lord smiled when he said that. “I just wanted to let you know you will be back in your cell after about 2 days according to the doctor.” After The Lord left the room I took a closer look at my future cell mate. He was quite handsome, his face was battered with bruises, they had left him in his glasses. They were dark sunglasses. Why would he wear dark sunglasses? I pondered this for a while. After a while I gave up on trying to figure out why he had dark glasses. My thoughts wondered to the Secret Service. Then something connected in my mind, in movies the Secret Service agents always wore black suits with dark sunglasses everywhere. That must mean the man in the bed next to mine could be the key to access to the president.



This year’s Halloween was awesome! I got tons of candy. This year I went with some friends to their neighborhood instead of going trick or treating in my neighborhood. We went to a block party before we started to trick or treat.

I friends I trick or treated with are Parker, Jenna, Brooke, Sumer, Sarah, Nina, and Nicole. When we first started, it was bright outside and we were all sprinting to each house. But after 30 minutes, it started to get dark and instead of running we walked. We went to 2 neighborhoods, Jenna’s and Brooke’s. We were able to go to both of their neighborhoods because they are connected by a road. When we got to Jenna’s house, we dumped out our candy and went back outside to get more. After we decided it was to late to continue trick or treating, we went back to Jenna’s house to sort our candy and trade it. We started throwing candy at each other that we didn’t want. At one point I got bombarded with 3 musketeers candy bars. At about 8’o clock, I texted my mom to come pick me up. When she came she drove Parker and I to our friend Ethan’s Halloween party. At his party I was able to trade my candy with even more people. We also ate some snacks too.

This turned out to be a very successful Halloween for me. I got even more candy than I did in past years, plus I went to 2 parties. At the end I ended up with no candy that I didn’t like. I was able to trade all of them to my friends. Maybe next year I will go through the same route again!

Darkness Part 6

I knew a guy that was part of the Secret Service, I just needed a way to communicate with him. With the situation that I was in right now, it didn’t seem very likely that I was going to be able to talk to anyone but Gan, the Lord and my guard. I knew my parents were probably worried sick. After all, I hadn’t been home in 3 days. I still had some hope that the police would be able to find me here.

The door slammed open, I immediately knew it was my guard coming to bring me to the Lord. He dragged me up and handcuffed me. This was new! He led me to the Lord, who was as always sitting in his throne. “What do you want now?” I said harshly. He smiled warmly at me, but his smile didn’t reach his hungry black eyes. “Not to worry my dear, this will be over soon enough. Soon I will have the world under my control. Then you can go back to you pitiful little house, or you can agree to join me and become the queen of a country. Your choice.” He smiled a cruel smile. I retorted back, “I would never…” Suddenly the doors slammed open to reveal an armed warrior.

Without warning he charged at the Lord, alarm bells rang through the building. Guards streamed in with throwing knives. The warrior didn’t walk 2 more steps, he was thrown at from more than a dozen knives. One of the knives missed the warrior and came directly towards me. I was frozen in mid speech.

I watched as the blade streaked toward me. At the last moment I regained control of my body and dived to the side. Suddenly pain exploded in my thigh, I screamed and rolled around. The blade must have hit me. The pain grew even more intense as another one hit, then another, then another. The room seemed to be spinning, and why was there a puddle of ketchup around me? The last thing I remember was screaming.

Darkness Part 5

Gan was a very powerful wizard, he had tried to take over the world before but had been defeated. Now he was trying again. This was a disaster, he had come very close last time, and was sure to succeed this time. I had to warn the president. Maybe I could figure out a way to trick them into letting me call someone. I would pretend to call someone else. But why would the president believe me? I needed someone who trusted me and who the president trusted. Someone who had access to talking to the president. I needed the Secret Service.

Darkness Part 4

He was my brother. I knew he had run away from home at a very young age, but I never thought that he turned evil and was planning on taking over the world or something like that! What was I needed for? I decided that I would play along and try to figure his plan out little by little. The next day for breakfast I got some stale bread and water. It seemed like that’s all I would be eating for quite a while. My guard led me to the throne room, my brother was there. ” What do you want brother?” I said, he merely laughed. “Oh yes, you have finally figured out that I was your brother, took you long enough!” Suddenly the door slammed open, and a dark hooded figure came in carrying a staff. My brother immediately came down on his knees. ” He-hello master.” He mumbled. The figure tossed his staff in the air, it immediately changed into a wand. I suddenly knew who the dark cloaked man was, he was the only wizard in the world, he was the powerful Gan.