Super Bowl 50!!!! Broncos Or Panthers??

“3! 2! 1! The Broncos win the game and are off to Super Bowl 50!” All bets are on the Carolina Panthers as we creep closer, and closer to the Super Bowl.Why are all odds against the Broncos? They shouldn’t be.

Will the Panthers crush the Broncos this Sunday? I dare to say NO!! Broncos went against the odds and defeated the New England Patriots. In that game all odds were also against the Broncos. They have overcome all the challenges they have faced. This season they only lost 2 games!

If fan spirit can push the Broncos to the finish line, us Broncos fans will do more than cheer!! I cheer for the Broncos because my family lived in Denver before moving here. When we lived in Denver, we would always cheer for them. They are our home team.

This Sunday you will find me on the couch, wearing orange and blue, Watching the Panthers get their butt kicked. The Broncos will CRUSH! (Comment below which team you are cheering for.)

(P.S. Next week I will continue on Darkness. I interrupted it with this Super Bowl post because it is a couple of days before the Super Bowl)