7th Grade Reflection

I spent one week in 8th grade math. Working hard at home, I studied, and studied, and studied. The 2nd week of school presented me with a new challenge: conquering Algebra 1. Skipping a whole year of math is very hard to achieve. It foreshadows a year long road of bumps ahead.

I struggled to keep an A. But now I am here, at the end of the long road with only one month left. I look back at the bumps and see them as learning experiences. My 7th grade journey has been a memorable one. But still I am face with new challenges as each week turns into history. Next week hands me a math EOC. The week after that a english STAAR test paired with a math semester final. Finally, a math Final Exam.

One of these math tests will determine 50% of my final averauge. These may be the 4 last bumps of my 7th grade life, but for sure are the biggest ones on the road. Soon the year will end, hugs will be shared, and tears will be shed. But at the start of my 8th grade life, I will always remember my teachers. Those who helped me through this amazing school year. Thank you for all you have done for everyone. I am thankful for this great community that surrounds me. A community of support and encouragement through everything.


Math is a very hard subject! So many tiny details in every problem.

Tick tock tick tock, students glance nervously at the clock. Math test, it’s obvious. With so many details needed to be written, it’s always a race against the clock. If you don’t write all those details…point off, maybe even 2! With having to remember all those tiny details, math is the hardest subject for most people. Plus me!!

Have I ever gotten a 100% on a math test? Yes, in fact I have. Is it common for me to get a 100%? NO! Sometimes in test days I feel like my brain is exploding from all those tiny details. I just want to get the test over with so I don’t have to stress out about all the vocabulary, and remembering to define the variables. UGH!

RING!! “Noooo!!!!”students sob. That’s the bell and I was on my last problem!