I woke up and groaned in pain. I slowly took in my surroundings. There wasn’t much to see. I was in a concrete box that had a lid on the top. The box was so small that as I sat there scrunched up, my body was touching all the sides of the box. “How did I end up here?” I thought to myself.

Then it hit me. All of the past events came crashing into my head like a huge wave. I felt warm, salty tears leak from my eyes and drip down my face. My body collapsed under the weight of the past events.

The pain…

The sadness…

The agony…

3 thoughts on “Agony”

  1. Loved this post, so much description and fantastic word choice! Perhaps an over-usage of the word ‘my’ in the third sentence of the second paragraph? I love the suspense, and the last three sentences in particular. Wonderful post, you should be incredibly proud of yourself! Great work! ~ Alita

  2. Wow! The word agony is very strong. This post got my attention because as I was reading it I could imagine myself inside the box that was describing. I can relate to this post because I am feeling pain, sadness and agony because my mom is fighting against breast cancer and sometime I feel inside a box not knowing what to do and feeling helpless.
    Great post ! Pablo

    1. Hi Pfarias. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I agree that the word agony is a strong word. I’m glad that you can relate to my blog post and I truly hope that your mom gets better.

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