Breaking Rules

Have you ever had a strong urge to break a rule? Was it for a good cause, or was it for your own entertainment? Sometimes breaking rules is okay, but sometimes it’s not.

It’s not okay to break rules if you’re just trying to cause trouble. For example, have you ever been in a class with people who refuse to listen to the teacher’s rules? A common thing that they’ll do is that they’ll refuse to stop talking. They always talk without permission whenever they feel like it. It slows the class down, and it is very disruptive. If annoying people didn’t break the teacher’s rules, class would go so much smoother. If you’re a troublemaker, breaking rules to cause trouble isn’t okay.

On the other hand, it’s okay to break rules if it’s for a good cause. What if someone fell down and injured themselves in a place that says “no running”? Would you not immediately rush towards them to help? Or rush to get help for them? Doing that, you’re breaking the rule. However, without the help of the person that is “breaking the rule”, the situation for the person in the accident would have been a lot worse. If it’s for a helpful cause, breaking rules is normally okay.

People may tell you that you can or can’t do this and that. But some rules are made to be broken, and some are made to be kept.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Rules”

  1. Hi! My name is Judy,
    I’m from I live near Montreal. I agree with the fact that you can brake a rule if you want to help someone. I estimate that even if you do that to help, you will not get out of the trouble so easily, you need to assume your acts.

  2. Yeah, I definitely think teachers’ rules should be followed 😉

    As an English teacher, I keep an eye out for grammar rules. I’ve noticed that some very successful authors break the rules that I teach to my students, and in doing so, these authors write with great voice and style. Writing is definitely a area in which rules can be broken with positive results.

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