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The Final One

I threw my weight to the left and dodged behind a tree. I knew that it was stronger and bigger than me. But I could win this. I was not going to fail this test. My last, final, most important test.

The thing charged at me again. It came at me fast. Claws sticking out, ready to grab me. Its drool flew out of its mouth, dark green and slimy. As it came near me, I quickly lunged at it. I planted a quick, deep stab into its fat, blubbery stomach.

But I couldn’t get away fast enough. I knew I had failed right as I felt its hot breath along my neck. It reached out for me with its claws. They wrapped around me neck, all cold and sharp. I brandished my sword around, in hopes of getting one last stab in that might release me. But deep inside, I knew that it was too late.

Phantom Lair

Rotten vines peaking out from the sides of the black cloth draped over the walls. 13 candles flickering in the corner — struggling to stay alive. The floor lined with scraps of old, expensive clothes.

In the middle of everything sits a huge throne. The throne is dark blue with linings of gold that had been carefully sewed into it. Near the back of the lair, hiding in the shadows, is a manikin of Christine in a beautiful, perfect, white wedding dress. Next to it, stands a fancy table. The table is made of a fancy pattern of jewels — the expensive, dark colored kind of jewels. The rest of the lair is covered in a thick layer of dust. Dust that if handled improperly, will fly up your nose and into your mouth, suffocating you.

This is where I, the Phantom, live. This is my lair.


I crawled over to where they had told me to stand. I knew that crawling displayed weakness, but my body refused listen to me. Going days with restless, nightmare filled sleep and scarcely any food or water had restrained my old, effortless movement. I slowly raised my eyes and saw that they already had the whip ready. Ready to rip through my flesh. Ready to bring out my cries of pain. Ready to end my life.

Tired and hopeless, I knew that I’ve lost. They brutally forced me to my knees and roughly chained my neck and arms to the tall, wooden poll. I raised my chin up to display that I wasn’t scared. I kept hoping that something would happen. Something to free me. Something to save me. But deep down inside, I knew I was doomed.


Tomorrow is Changing day.

Tomorrow all 18 year olds will be Changed.

Tomorrow if you are 18 years old, you will turn into a completely different person.

Where I live, when you turn 18 you have to undergo the Changing. During the Changing, you get a chip inserted into your brain; the chip is pretty much a computer. The Changing last for around 3 days. After it, they completely wipe your brain so you don’t remember anything about it.

I will be 18 tomorrow. Most people look forward to their Changing day. I don’t. I don’t want to be Changed. I don’t trust what they’re doing. Why would they wipe your brain unless they’re doing something that they don’t want you to know? Also, people’s personalities are completely changed because the Changing. They’ll go from being nice and friendly — to neutral and not caring about anything. They’ll go from being super mad and mean — to neutral and not caring about anything. They’ll go from being unbearably sassy and bossy — to neutral and not caring about anything. I don’t want this to happen to me.

I plan to run away tonight. Run past the walls that keep us contained. Run past the forest of unknown things. Run past the never ending darkness.

The Pack

I weaved through the trees as it chased me. I could feel it gaining on me. “Faster,” I urged myself. “Must go faster.” My legs were becoming weaker by the second, not designed for long distance running. My lungs were close to exploding, and my heart was threatening to burst out of my chest. Off in the distance I heard my pack members calling and looking for me, but there was no way they could reach me in time.

I knew my end was coming when I felt my step falter. I forced myself to keep running, but I knew it was useless.

Its long claws wrapped around my neck, closing my line a breath. I desperately tugged at its claws, trying to pry it off. It brought me slowly towards its mouth…

“Don’t you dare touch her!” a voice I’ve never heard before yelled.


I flipped around on this luxurious, alien mattress. I layed ridged on it, not letting myself get comfortable. While my body was longing to shut down, my mind knew better. This bed was not mine.

I couldn’t trust this place. This place is dangerous. Everyone thinks that this palace is so perfect, so magnificent. However, I know the truth. I have learned how to tell a lie from the truth. I don’t fall for the pleasing, happy lies they feed us. During my years at this palace, I have trained a special group of talented people. I taught them the truth, and how to fight and protect themselves. Together we have formed a plan. A plan to overcome this terrbile society.

By the time morning came, my eyes drooped heavily. I slapped myself to keep alert and awake.

Today at 3 came the execution. That was when we carried out our plan.


I woke up and groaned in pain. I slowly took in my surroundings. There wasn’t much to see. I was in a concrete box that had a lid on the top. The box was so small that as I sat there scrunched up, my body was touching all the sides of the box. “How did I end up here?” I thought to myself.

Then it hit me. All of the past events came crashing into my head like a huge wave. I felt warm, salty tears leak from my eyes and drip down my face. My body collapsed under the weight of the past events.

The pain…

The sadness…

The agony…

Ruled Over

I stared at it as it launched itself at me. My brain furiously tried to comprehend what was happening. My training took over and I darted out of the way, barely missing its claws. It snarled and green, slimy drool fell from its mouth. I turned to run, furious at myself for forgetting my sword at home. I dashed behind a tree as it grabbed for me again. I sprinted with all my might. My lungs burned as I kept my legs pounding against the ground, propelling me forward. I heard it gaining on me. I should have known…it’s impossible to outrun one of these things.

It caught me midair. I felt its claws wrap around me, bringing me to its mouth. Its breath reaked of rotten things and blood. I closed my eyes preparing for the pain. And then my vision went black…

The Few

The door slammed and the house went quite. I stayed crouched under my desk, hidden from view by my chair. I released the breath I was holding, thankful that The Men have left and I was spared yet another day.

My name is Mary Randa Jill the 3rd. I am on of The Few. The Few is a group of special people with unnatural powers. I am the strongest among them. The other members of The Few look up to me as a leader, a super hero. People are scared of us. They think we will bring the end of the world among them. Of course we won’t. They just don’t understand that. They have formed a group of people, normal male people, to come capture us. To keep us under captivity. To study us like lab rats. And if we don’t cooperative, to destroy us completely. This group is called The Men.

For No Reason

I heard the lock click into place and the footsteps of him walking away. I knew I was doomed.

My name is Charley John. I am 21. I am innocent. I have done nothing wrong. I am innocent…and…I am in jail. Doesn’t make any sense does it? I’m an innocent person and have been thrown in jail for no apparent reason. You ask them why I’m in jail, they’ll say it’s classified information. But seriously? Even when I ask them what I did to end up in jail, they won’t tell me. I mean really? Shouldn’t I deserve to know why I’m in jail?