Happy Ending

Out on the ocean the boy rose the sails, and he was sailing fast then all of a sudden big winds came and the boy couldn’t handle it. The boat flipped and the boy panicked, then he heard a voice in his head saying that the boy needed to calm down. So the boy calmed down but when he tried to flip the boat over he wasn’t heavy enough and after about 20 minutes of trying the boat sank and the boy died. Happy ever after.

Having A Good Friend

Have you ever been upset, and you don’t feel like doing anything, that’s what a good friend Is for.  It’s important to have a good friend.

One thing that’s important of haveing a good friend is so that they pick you up when you are feeling down. One time when one of my good friends picked me up when I was down was when, I was sailing and I was doing really bad in a race and my friend max told me that the next race I was gonna win for sure he had no doubt about it. So I brushed that last race off. Then the next race I won by a mile.  Because my friend encouraged me I was able to win that race.

Another time my friend picked me up was when I was on a dirt bike and I was going fast and the front wheel hit something and I fell and the dirt bike fell on me. If it weren’t for my friend I could have been way more hurt. That’s another reason to have a good friend.

It’s always good to have a best friend, because you never are going to know if your get hurt or need someone to pick you up.



Argentina ??

Argentina was very fun. While I was there competed in the event Mar Del Plata 52 Siy International Youth Sailing regatta. I finished 39 out of 160 boats.

When we were in Argentina my birthday was February 9, So I got to celebrate my birthday in Argentina ?? with all of my sailing friends from America we ate cake ? at a good steak restaurant.

We also went surfing ? and the waves were alright like, 4-5 foot waves. But the bad part was that they made us wear our life jackets so when you were paddling it was extremely hard to breath.


I am Excited to leave for Argentina. I have never been to Argentina, Because I have never been to south america. We fly into Buenos ares and drive four hours to Mar Del Plata.

Once we get to the venue we will get our boats and then go home and unpack and Chill/Do HW. After that I will probably sleep Because the flight is 12 hours non stop.

Then the next day I am Sure what we will do.  I kind of want to go and take a tour of Mar Del Plata


Super Bowl

Will this be a good Super Bowl? I mean it could either way if the patriots and the falcons are playing. I want the facts t win because Tom Brady is a cheater, last year he deflated the footballs. That also caused him to go to the super bowl.

I hope this is a good super bowl and where its no like the broncos@seahawks game where the broncos just got completly crushed with a score of 43 to 8.

I hope that next year the Cowboys will make it in the Super Bowl. And that they win because they had a really good season.



Winter break

This year for winter break our family stayed at the hotel Slowik.  Also known as our house.  We have this tradition where we get to open  one present Christmas Eve. The presents that I got were a, GoPro Hero session 5, Rc Helicoptor,  A Drone, Rc Car, and a bunch of other stuff.

Christmas Dinner this year was wonderful my uncle deep fried a turkey he made green bean casserole and a bunch of other stuff like cranberries, sweet corn, hawaiian rolls.

Christmas day I opened up a bunch of gifts.  Then I opened up my stocking and I see a bunch of candy, and then at the bottom I see an electronic tooth brush and a ice pack and im like ok that’s pretty lit. 

Fishing In Lost Creek

Fishing in lost creek can be pretty fun. But other times it can be scary.

Me and Bowen were down at the creek and we were catching fish like crazy we would put the bread on the hook, throw it in the water and catch a fish almost instantly.  You were very lucky if you didn’t get a fish that would swallow the whole entire thing.

About an hour later we were fishing in the on the edge of the water, and we saw a really old white car going really slow through the driveway sort of thing.  It looked like it was ready to kidnap someone and we got really scared so we regaled our lines in and hid in the bushes. After a few minutes the car went away.

After a few minutes the car went away and we went to the spot that either is really good for bass or you wouldn’t catch anything. So we walked down there and the water looked like it was flowing very fast, but we through the line out and we did not catch anything .





Tony S February 26, 2016

The tradition in Spain for trading is whenever 15 kids from America come to Europe to sail for Team USA they buy a bunch of things that say Team USA on them like shirts, hats, hoodies, bags, jackets, and life jackets. Then after the sailing event is over everyone goes their separate ways hoping to trade something good like a foreign lifejacket that says like Team Swiss or Team Finland .

I was at the yacht club in Palamos Spain with a couple of my teammates. I was there for a regatta for Team USA, I looked around the room and noticed a wall full of Baltic Lifejackets and I thought I really want that Team Switzerland lifejacket. I started walking up to the guy with the bright red jacket and the dark brown and blonde hair with vibrant colors in his sunglasses Team Switzerland lifejacket

I wanted and I started wondering what I was going to say.
Then, Finally after ten minutes of talking he said yes, so I gave him mine for his lifejacket. I thought, I had it in the bag but when he came back I didn’t know what he would do so he said in tears “the Swiss Federation would not let me keep it so can I please trade back.”
I learned, that you always have to ask him if he’s sure he can trade first before you trade.

Naples Cup

I flew to florida for the weekend to sail in a regatta with 100 people just for practice so I do well in New Orleans. When we arrive at the yacht club in Florida we start to unload boats so we untie them and put them on the dollies and go back to the hotel room.

The next morning I rigged up my boat just the way I wanted it. Then my coach calls  for a meeting. So I go to the meeting and we talk about the wind conditions and stuff.  After that we all go to the skippers meeting.  Then its time to launch.

After the day I was pretty happy with my results a 4, 5, 2. We derig and go home.  In the hotel room Mr. Bates told meI was over the race I got a 5.  So i’m 22nd overall.

The  next day I go out and I got a 7, 3, 8, and a terrible race but a 24. So we come in and it turns out that I got 3rd Overall  in the whole regatta.




This Halloween I went trick or treating with some of homies, there was this one house that was giving out king sized candy bars! I went back like 10 times and got so much candy all combined with my friends we got 50 pounds of it! We had to walk a lot because my mom was out with her friends. We walked from my house to Jenny’s jumps then all they way to bellalogo. It was lit.

We had been going for about 3 hours. My feet where starting to hurt. We turned around and started walking. We decide to hit Jenny’s Jump again because it was late and we wanted take more bowls. We turned  and saw a cooler full of candy we ran and took it all, this lady started chasing me. She made me and my freinds return it I ran and got away.

We finally got home and it was really late. My feet where hurting we traded candy and when to play video games. We all fell asleep.

Don't Give Up

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