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The Power Of Six 

by: Pittacus Lore


The book I am reading is the sequel to I Am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore, the title is The Power Of Six. This book is about a planet named Lorien who were taken over by the Mogodorians. Lorien people look and act like normal humans but have special powers called legacies. Loriens are split into two groups, gardés and cepàns. The gardés do not have legacies but take care of the cèpans (the ones who have powers) as they grow. The day the Mogodorians were destroying their planet, the leader sent 9 cepàn babies with their cepáns to Earth. To protect them, the leader of Lorien numbered each baby cepàn, then casted a spell on them so that they can only be killed in order (so like if a Mogodorian could only kill number 3 after 1 and 2 were dead) if a mogodorian tried to kill out of order, whatever they did to that cepàn to harm it would be done to themselves. John is number 4 and 1, 2, and 3 are killed so he is next……… I Am Number Four is all about John on the run escaping with his gardé. John developes his legacy- immunity to fire and telekinesis in this book. The Power Of Six switches between characters, John who later meets number 6, running and fighting the mogodorians, and Marina who is number 7 with a gardé who doesn’t care.

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Wow! I am actually reading the first book of this series right now and I enjoy it quite a lot! I have added this on my “to read” list as well! In the second book, do numbers four, six and seven band together to fight the Mogadorians, or are they still trying to stay apart?

Well later in the first book Six finds Four and they work together……..

(No more spoilers) 🤗

Wow, sounds really interesting. I hope they all survive. I wonder why the gardes didn’t send more people to earth?

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