Zero Gravity

This past weekend,(Saturday to be exact) was an awesome Pole Vault competition/meet in Waco, called Zero Gravity. It was pretty cool, because there were people that were from places other than Austin and Waco, and I’m really excited to tell you about it!

When I got there, I started to warm up doing the basic jogs, and stretches. After that, the people running it would give you about thirty minutes to vault before the competition actually started. When it did start, the crossbar was on a very low height, so I didn’t come in for a while. When I did come in, I decided to start at six feet, six inches, and I was ready. I cleared that height easy.

The next height I would come in at would be seven feet. When it was my turn, I picked up the pole, ran down the runway, planted it, jumped, swung, and cleared it easy again. After that, I decided to take a couple laps around the whole arena where it was taking place, to keep my blood flowing. The next height after that would be seven feet, six inches, so by now, I bet you could guess we were going by increments of six inches. On seven feet, six inches, I did the same thing. Picked my pole up, ran down the runway, planted my pole, swung, and cleared it.

Now it was time. It was time to clear eight feet. If I were to clear it, it would be now. I’m being kind of dramatic, because eight feet would be my new personal record, and when the time came I was completely focused. I told myself that I could do it, took a big deep breath, and picked up my pole. Thunk, thunk, thunk. My feet pounded against the ground while I was running up to the box. “Dunk!”. I planted my pole. I started to swing with my right knee bent. Almost there, I just have to arch my back. “Whoosh!” I just landed on the mat, astonished that the pole did now follow me down. Instead, it sat on the pegs, wobbling

I was so happy with what happened, and just to add, I got second place, and lost to a tenth grader. But I wasn’t really going to win, I was going there to try to get better, and I did. Zero Gravity was a great success.

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