Why People Wear Masks

Have you ever wondered why people wear masks? When I say this, your probably thinking of Halloween, or something similar to that. But there’s more than just physical masks. There are many ways in which people wear masks.

Some masks are physical. People put legitimate coverings over their faces. Some reasons why people wear masks can include Halloween, crime, and surgeon masks. For example, Halloween masks disguise who a person is. In crime movies, I see bank robbers wear masks to cover their faces, and hide their identities. See, there are many ways in which people wear physical masks.

However, some masks are figurative: people put coverings over their inner selves and emotions. A general example would be, a person who is sad, might look very happy. To be specific, the kid who is depressed, might cover it up with a smile. This kid might be talking and laughing with others, but he doesn’t really feel cheerful. He is hiding behind a mask of happiness, so people won’t know he’s down. Figurative masks are, or can be very serious.

People wear masks in a variety of different ways. But remember, stay true to yourself, even if it means taking the mask off for a while. Physically and figuratively.

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