The Phantoms Lair

“Drip- drip- drip.”

Down deep under the beautiful opera lies an ice cold, hollow chasm. You are lost inside, and you hear a voice. A voice looking for someone also.

“Click- click- click.”

Your footsteps echo off the walls of the endless hallways of nothingness, and you finally come to a room with a huge organ sitting in the middle.

“Screee!” Rats scurry beside your feet as you dodge them. “Hello!?” You call frantically. “Hello,” someone calls back. “Where ar- Click.”

That wasn’t your footstep.

“Click, drip- click, drip.” “Who is that!” “Wha- click.” You suddenly realize that there was no other person calling back to you. Just your echo. The only other person there, is the person now standing behind you.

You are now gone.

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One comment on “The Phantoms Lair
  1. lilyp7 says:

    This is so good! You are an amazing writer! This poem was very mysterious and creepy. I liked the way that you incorporated a mini plot twist at the end. I love your writing. I look forward to reading more!

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