Is it Ever Okay to Break the Rules?

At one point or another, everyone in their lifetime breaks the rules. But sometimes, breaking the rules is just not okay. You might hear from your parents, “Never do that again!”, or, “Why would you do that?” But is it ever okay to break them?

In some scenarios, you might think it is okay. For instance, you might break the rules in supporting a cause you believe in. For example, take 12 year old Michael Jestes. Several members of his family dyed their hair pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But he had no forethought of upsetting anyone, when he broke his schools rule of “no hair dye.” He got in-school suspension and national attention. I think supporting a cause you believe in is definitely okay.

In other scenarios, it’s just not okay. For example, if you’re late to work, and you start to speed. That is NOT good. First off, SIT TIGHT. It’s not going to kill you to be late once in a while, but if it’s not okay… well that’s your own fault. Second, it’s very dangerous. You could crash on a slippery road, or accidentally run a red light, or stop sign. You could also harm a bicyclist or motorcycle rider. In those cases, it’s not okay.

In conclusion, it depends on the situation, whether it is okay to break the rules, or not. So stay put if you are frustrated, even if you want to act out. It’s not going to do anyone, any good.

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One comment on “Is it Ever Okay to Break the Rules?
  1. lilyb7 says:

    I think you’re totally right. Everyone breaks the rules at some point. This is really great.

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