Color. We see it in our everyday lives, and we probably can’t imagine a world without it. But what if you grew up not knowing what color was, and never knew it existed. What if you grew up looking at black and white.

Color gives the world a more lively look to it, and can make a person feel happy or sad. For example, you might feel happy on a day that is sunny, and has beautiful green grass, and a blue sky. But on rainy days, because it is grey, and dark, you could feel sad, or depressed. Living in a world without color could be a tragedy for some people, but what about the characters in Lois Lowry’s The Giver.In this book, the characters live in a world without color, and don’t really know what color is. They live in a community of sameness, and the people are very obedient, so they don’t know life a different way. This makes the theme of the novel seem like a world with nothing, like emotions. Emotions are lost, in a world without color. I think, since the community can’t see anything but black and white, this means they can’t feel love, or anger.

So in this world, living in black and white is normal. Anything you grew up with, you would think was normal as well, so this community was not really affected by lack of color. But color brings life, so I guess the characters in The Giver don’t know real life.



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