Why Write?

Why write? A lot of people would much rather be doing something other than picking up a pencil and moving it. But writing is much, much more than that.

You write to inform. To recall. To see. You write to make people laugh. To make people sad. To frustrate. You write to show dancing on a big stage, without actually being there. You write to show pain: mental or physical. You write to satisfy: you or someone else. You write to make joy: for yourself or your followers. You write to make the next Tris from Divergent, or the next Harry from the Harry Potter series. You write to show real life. The harsh world. The fantasy. The fame. You write to try to be the next William Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe. Or the first you. Or you can write because you love it.

See, there are many reasons why people write. So the next time you have to, don’t think of it as a bad thing, just think of it as the next new wonderful creation made by you.

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One comment on “Why Write?
  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I like the way you framed this Writer’s Notebook entry with a meaningful introduction and conclusion. Well done!

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