About Me

Hi my name is Avery and I would like to share some things about me in 20 facts

  1.    I love to travel
  2.  I really only like to wear leggings to school
  3.  I love headbands
  4.  I tolerate root beer (but if I had a choice I would never have it)
  5.  I’ve done soccer for six years
  6.  I am OBSESSED with Whataburger ketchup ( its the only reason I go there)
  7.  County Line honey butter is the best (don’t tell me any different)
  8.  Turtles are my favorite animals ( as you can tell by the picture…or not)
  9.  I love frothy milk
  10.  I love Coke and Dr. Pepper A LOT!
  11.  I do pole vault (not for a long time though, but it’s awesome)
  12.  I play piano and violin
  13.  I wish cold weather would come early
  14.  I have a dog and a bird
  15.  If I tried a road trip I would probably hate it
  16.  My favorite colors are red and green… and blue ( I can’t make up my mind!)
  17.  I love Frozen and Finding Nemo
  18.  I procrastinate a lot when it comes to homework
  19.  I really don’t like homework
  20.  I love to climb and swing on things



Recently hatched baby sea turtles entering the ocean
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Matthew T Rader via Compfight

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