At First Glance


The sky
Looked bright.
The sand
Felt soft.
The waves
Seemed welcoming.

The sun
Shone brightly
The sand
On the Warm
Summer day.

The tide
Rocked gently.
The fish
Seemed happy.
Footprints in the sand
Looked even playful.

The whole beach

The sky
Looked bright.
The sand
Appeared soft.
The waves
Seemed welcoming… At first.

But if one stayed long enough,
Into the night,
They would see the dark sky.
The coarse sand.
The fierce waves.

At first glance,
The beach seems one way.
But if you look close enough,
You see it another way.
Very, very  

At first glance,
People seem one way.
But if you look close enough,
You see them another way.


I wrote this poem because I wanted to get a message across to people. The theme of my poem is supposed to be to not judge people by your first impression of them, and that is what I want my readers to understand. In order to truly know someone, you need to spend time with them. You can’t base your entire opinion of someone on a snap judgement. The idea kind of forms around not judging a book by its cover, but I think it runs a little deeper.

At first glance, someone may seem one way, but really, they could turn out for the better or the worse. In the poem, the beach seemed good and welcoming at first, but once you got to know it, you saw that it was actually quite bad. I tried to explain in the last stanza, how the beach is a metaphor for people. How people could also seem good at first, but could actually turn out very harmful. The title, At first glance, reflects the theme of the poem. You don’t truly know someone at first glance.


By Aoibhin


One thought on “At First Glance

  1. You did an excellent job of creating your metaphor. I felt like I was physically skipping as I read the first stanzas – your structure and writing had great rhythm to it.

    Just like the ocean, we all have good and bad. Just like the ocean, there is always opportunity for change.
    Thank you

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