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The Barn – Expository Writing

The barn is probably my favorite place to be. There are many reasons why I love it… It’s the best place ever after all! But here are a couple main reasons why it is the best place on earth in my opinion.

The first reason I love the barn is because that is where my horse lives. My horse is my best friend and life partner, so wherever she is is where I am. She lives at the barn full time and I love going to see her at least 3 times a week. I also spend all day at the barn with her on the weekends. The barn is a wonderful place for Bella and I to hang out and bond. We have2 huge arenas to ride in, along with a grass field and many trials to go exploring on. Bella and I always have the best time together!

Another reason I love the barn is because of our amazing riding opportunities. We have 2 huge arenas that are spacious and beautiful. The footing is soft, and we have many jumps. My favorite arena is the outdoor arena. It is the biggest of the 2 that we have, and it has the most jumps. We have many colorful jumps and lot’s of room to build and construct many courses. The field is literally right next to it, so when you walk out of the arena you are in the field already. After lessons, I love to take Bella up there and explore a little while we cool off. 

The last reason I love the barn is because of all the fun things you can do. Of course when I’m there, my favorite things to do are spend time with Bella and ride, but I also love playing with the other ponies at the barn, jumping the jumps in the arena on foot (not on a horse), and playing with the barn dogs. There is a pony at the barn, Candy, who I have a special bond with. I love to go out with the pasture with her and just goof around. Me and my friends when we have free-time also like to go down to the arena and jump the jumps in there, without the horses of course. We like to have fun contests to see who can jump the highest! We also have 2 lovely barn dogs, Fast-runner (named by my coach’s 4 year old daughter), and Coyote. They are both so sweet and fun to play with… Though occasionally they will run into the arena and spook the horses! 😉

All in all, the barn is my favorite place to be… It’s basically the place of my dreams. It’s my second home.

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Champion and Classic Win!

This weekend was a very very very good show weekend for Bella and I!

I went to the show with many goals, and I achieved all of them! The show lasts Friday-Sunday. On Friday I didn’t show, but I warmed up and practiced some jumps with Bella. We had an amazing practice and I was really excited. Saturday was an OK show day… It wasn’t really the best I could do though. We did win a 3rd in one of our rounds out of 19 people though so that was good! Now Sunday was really our day for Bella and I to shine. Every round was perfect and we won a $500 classic! I won all the rounds I went into except for one round, but I still got 2nd place in that one! 

The classic win was so exciting! Bella and I got a pretty blue ribbon, and we won this felt blanket thing that said “Winter Series Classic Winner” on it! 

Then, on top of that, Bella and I won our first champion ribbon together! I was so excited and I know Bella was too. She worked very hard this weekend and I am so proud of her. Of course we got a big champion ribbon and we also got a blanket to drape over Bella in the winter. It said “Winter Series Champion” on it. It was so exciting!

It was one of the best weekends Bella and I have had together and I am so proud of her! Can’t wait to show at Pin Oak in a month or so!


(Photos from this weekend are coming up)

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Derby Goals!

Tons of shows have been going on lately, and It’s so exciting to have shows almost every weekend!

The next show I am doing, I hope to participate in a 3ft derby. Derby’s are a special kind of class you can enter in. They have high and low option jumps, and the courses are really hard and technical. They are so fun, and the judges give you scores in each of your rounds. After everyone has finished, they add together everyones 2 scores. Whoever has the highest total wins! You can even win lots of money in the derbies.

I really hope I get to compete in a derby soon, they are really exciting and fun! 

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My Birthday & Valentines Day

I am really excited because tomorrow is my birthday! I am so excited to get to spend it with my family, and I am excited to see what I am going to get present wise.

I don’t know anything about what I’m going to get tomorrow, the only present I am aware of is getting the chance to go to Canada in June to meet Lacey Jamieson’s (my friend/inspiration who passed away in 2013) parents! I linked Lacey Jamieson’s instagram account and her youtube where I have typed her name, so check that out if you want! I have also made a couple blog posts about the trip and about Lacey so check those out if you would like as well. 🙂

Also Valentines Day is coming up! I will be at a horse show during Valentines day, but hopefully my whole family will come so we will get to spend it together anyways. I love Valentines Day and think it’s a great holiday. <3

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