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Champion and Classic Win!

on February 16, 2015

This weekend was a very very very good show weekend for Bella and I!

I went to the show with many goals, and I achieved all of them! The show lasts Friday-Sunday. On Friday I didn’t show, but I warmed up and practiced some jumps with Bella. We had an amazing practice and I was really excited. Saturday was an OK show day… It wasn’t really the best I could do though. We did win a 3rd in one of our rounds out of 19 people though so that was good! Now Sunday was really our day for Bella and I to shine. Every round was perfect and we won a $500 classic! I won all the rounds I went into except for one round, but I still got 2nd place in that one! 

The classic win was so exciting! Bella and I got a pretty blue ribbon, and we won this felt blanket thing that said “Winter Series Classic Winner” on it! 

Then, on top of that, Bella and I won our first champion ribbon together! I was so excited and I know Bella was too. She worked very hard this weekend and I am so proud of her. Of course we got a big champion ribbon and we also got a blanket to drape over Bella in the winter. It said “Winter Series Champion” on it. It was so exciting!

It was one of the best weekends Bella and I have had together and I am so proud of her! Can’t wait to show at Pin Oak in a month or so!


(Photos from this weekend are coming up)

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