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The Barn – Expository Writing

on February 26, 2015

The barn is probably my favorite place to be. There are many reasons why I love it… It’s the best place ever after all! But here are a couple main reasons why it is the best place on earth in my opinion.

The first reason I love the barn is because that is where my horse lives. My horse is my best friend and life partner, so wherever she is is where I am. She lives at the barn full time and I love going to see her at least 3 times a week. I also spend all day at the barn with her on the weekends. The barn is a wonderful place for Bella and I to hang out and bond. We have2 huge arenas to ride in, along with a grass field and many trials to go exploring on. Bella and I always have the best time together!

Another reason I love the barn is because of our amazing riding opportunities. We have 2 huge arenas that are spacious and beautiful. The footing is soft, and we have many jumps. My favorite arena is the outdoor arena. It is the biggest of the 2 that we have, and it has the most jumps. We have many colorful jumps and lot’s of room to build and construct many courses. The field is literally right next to it, so when you walk out of the arena you are in the field already. After lessons, I love to take Bella up there and explore a little while we cool off. 

The last reason I love the barn is because of all the fun things you can do. Of course when I’m there, my favorite things to do are spend time with Bella and ride, but I also love playing with the other ponies at the barn, jumping the jumps in the arena on foot (not on a horse), and playing with the barn dogs. There is a pony at the barn, Candy, who I have a special bond with. I love to go out with the pasture with her and just goof around. Me and my friends when we have free-time also like to go down to the arena and jump the jumps in there, without the horses of course. We like to have fun contests to see who can jump the highest! We also have 2 lovely barn dogs, Fast-runner (named by my coach’s 4 year old daughter), and Coyote. They are both so sweet and fun to play with… Though occasionally they will run into the arena and spook the horses! 😉

All in all, the barn is my favorite place to be… It’s basically the place of my dreams. It’s my second home.

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