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Random Q&A?

on March 23, 2015

So I get a lot of questions… Not always on here of course, but anyways I get them a lot. 🙂 Therefore I am going to do a little questions and answers thingy so people can know a little more about me.

Question 1: How long have you been riding?
My answer: 5 years.

Question 2: How many pets do you have?
My answer: I have 4 pets in total.

Question 3: Do you do any other sports besides riding?
My answer: No- I’m bad at everything else! 

Question 4:  What are you other hobbies besides riding?
My answer: I love photography, hanging out with my horse and my pets,crafting and designing things, etc.

Question 5: What kind of camera do you use?
My answer: I use a Canon t1i, though I hope to purchase a Canon t3i one day.

So I guess thats it… If you have a question please leave it below because I love answering questions! I will do another one of these later. And in terms of photography since I talked about that a little bit here, in my earlier posts I had a couple posts that had my photography featured on it so you can check those out as well! I will be adding another post that showcases my photography soon as well. 🙂

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