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on April 16, 2015

We don’t normally think of color being such an important thing, but imagine a world without color

We live in a world of color and don’t know any different, so we often overlook the importance of color in our lives. In The Giver, people of the community can only see black and white. Just imagine how plain the world would be without color! Without color, we wouldn’t have a favorite color, we would barely be able to tell the difference between night and day, and everything around us would be dull. Everything would be plain boring! If you think about it, color plays a huge role in our daily lives. It keeps things interesting, makes us unique, and it keeps the world a bright and beautiful place. 

In the photo below, you can see that one of the photos is in color and the other is in black and white. Which one looks more appealing? The colored one in my opinion. The color adds light and happiness to the photo, while the black and white version looks plain and dull. When you look at things with amazing colors, it automatically lightens the mood and makes you have a happy and delighted feeling inside. 

In The Giver, they had to live their whole lives without ever seeing a color. It sounds like torture. Everything would be sameness. Too much sameness. Lets be thankful for the fact that color is in our everyday lives! Color is an amazing thing that keeps this world a happy and fun place to be. 


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2 Responses to “Color”

  1. ashleyc3 says:

    I love how every time you said color in your post your literally applied color to the text, so I thought that was very smart:) I’m in love with your picture!

  2. Sarah says:

    A world without color would be terrible! For one of my friends, black and white are her favorite colors, so she probably would mind it though…

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