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on May 4, 2015

Summer is so close, and I am so excited! The school year has gone by so fast, and I can’t wait for it to be over so that my summer will be underway! 😀

I have many plans for this summer and am so excited for everything. I have a few horse shows this summer which are super exciting. I have some Waco shows in June, and a show in Colorado in July. I also have a trip I am going on this summer for my birthday which is going to be an incredible experience. Other than those things I will be home hanging with friends or at the barn riding! This school year has been so busy, and I can’t wait for a 3 month break of relaxation and no worries and stress.

What are your plans for the summer? Only 18 days away!!!

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2 Responses to “Summer!”

  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    Eighteen days? Yay!

    No horseback riding for me, but I am planning a trip to California in early August: Disneyland, the beach, Hollywood, family and friends 🙂

    • averyr3 says:

      I actually may have been incorrect, now it’s 15 and a half days but that is a lot better! 😀

      That sounds so fun, I love California!

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