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Colorado & Derbies

This summer, I have a horse show going on and it’s my favorite one of the show year: Estes Park Colorado. It’s located in Estes Park (well duh) and it is incredible.

There are many reasons while it is my favorite horse show of the year… I mainly like it because it is GORGEOUS. The horse show grounds are basically in a valley, and there are huge mountains all around you. It is so relaxing! And there is also a big lake nearby.

Even though it’s summer, the temperatures in Colorado are still fairly cool, so the temperatures are amazing to ride in compared to here! I had to wear a kind of heavy jacket in the mornings last year! Also, the  overall weather is always beautiful.

Another thing I like about the show is that it is two weeks long, and there it lots to do around the town. They have the cutest shops and activities, and due to my two weeks of being there, I have lots of time to shop and walk around town, 😉 And don’t even get me started on the restraunts…

I am so very excited, and down below there is a picture of me and Bella from last year that my mom took! Enjoy!


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Summer is so close, and I am so excited! The school year has gone by so fast, and I can’t wait for it to be over so that my summer will be underway! 😀

I have many plans for this summer and am so excited for everything. I have a few horse shows this summer which are super exciting. I have some Waco shows in June, and a show in Colorado in July. I also have a trip I am going on this summer for my birthday which is going to be an incredible experience. Other than those things I will be home hanging with friends or at the barn riding! This school year has been so busy, and I can’t wait for a 3 month break of relaxation and no worries and stress.

What are your plans for the summer? Only 18 days away!!!



We don’t normally think of color being such an important thing, but imagine a world without color

We live in a world of color and don’t know any different, so we often overlook the importance of color in our lives. In The Giver, people of the community can only see black and white. Just imagine how plain the world would be without color! Without color, we wouldn’t have a favorite color, we would barely be able to tell the difference between night and day, and everything around us would be dull. Everything would be plain boring! If you think about it, color plays a huge role in our daily lives. It keeps things interesting, makes us unique, and it keeps the world a bright and beautiful place. 

In the photo below, you can see that one of the photos is in color and the other is in black and white. Which one looks more appealing? The colored one in my opinion. The color adds light and happiness to the photo, while the black and white version looks plain and dull. When you look at things with amazing colors, it automatically lightens the mood and makes you have a happy and delighted feeling inside. 

In The Giver, they had to live their whole lives without ever seeing a color. It sounds like torture. Everything would be sameness. Too much sameness. Lets be thankful for the fact that color is in our everyday lives! Color is an amazing thing that keeps this world a happy and fun place to be. 



Meet Knight!

So, this post is introducing Knight, the horse I am trying out for possible purchase! He is adorable and I love him so much!

I want to move up in hight’s in the future, and Bella may not be able to jump high enough without getting hurt. 🙁 I don’t want to ever hurt her, so I think it’s best we don’t push her so much that she may seriously injure herself! So thats where Knight comes in. He can jump as high as I would like to go in the future which is great. So thats why we may buy him!

Now you are probably wondering what will happen to Bella? I am definitely not selling her, but I do want to lease her out to a little girl at my barn who can learn on her just as I did. Bella is an amazing teacher, and she has taught me LOADS of things in such a short time! She is not the easiest ride, but she makes you a better rider and she teaches you new skills every time you ride her. She is fun, sweet, and enjoyable! She is the perfect first horse for a little girl that is learning!

If Bella is at the barn, even though I may not be riding her, I can see her and snuggle with her any time I want, and I am sure I would get to ride her sometimes which is wonderful! But back to Knight… He looks a lot like Bella, but he is very different to ride. He is very fun and I love riding him so far. He loves to play outside and snuggling is one of his favorite activities. I am so excited that I may get to buy him, and I hope everything works out! 

Here is a photo of Knight below:

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Recent and Coming Horse Shows

So for this blog post, I thought I would talk about the shows I have recently done, and the shows that are coming up! 🙂

I didn’t show for about a month because no shows were going on then, but the weekend before the one that just passed, I went to the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. This is the biggest Texas horse show of the year, and it’s HUGE! There are probably at least 55 people you compete against per class. I couldn’t even count how many were participating at the show in total. All I know was that it was an insanely huge number. Anyways, the show went very well!

On the first day I didn’t place, but on the second day, I did get a 6th in my EQ over fences and a 3rd in the EQ flat. Thats really good considering it was Pin Oak and that I was competing against 65 people in the jumping, and over 30 in the flat. I am really proud of how Bella did!

I have one upcoming show this month, and it’s in Tyler! Iv’e never been to this show before, so I am really excited to see what the show grounds look like and all that. I hope it goes well and that Bella enjoys the facility as well! 

Down below I thought I would share a photo of Bella and I jumping at Pin Oak! Enjoy!


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Bella’s Birthday

My horse’s birthday was yesterday, APril 3rd!! 😀

It was wonderful, and I got to spend some time with Bella on her birthday which was awesome! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to or not… So I was super duper happy about that! I grazed her for a bit and jogged her around with me. It was so fun, and I know she enjoyed it!

I also made Bella her very own birthday cake this year! I took some of her treats and mixed them all together. After that I made a cake shape and put some peppermints in the top to add some extra sweetness, and besides, Bella LOVES peppermints. Then I added a cute green candle in the top and took it to the barn. Bella loved it, and as we were singing happy birthday to her, she stuck her nose in it suddenly and ate the whole thing in almost one bite!

Bella turned 12 this year, and I am so happy that her birthday went well and that I got to spend it with her. I love my horse so much! A photo from the little  birthday celebration  will be put below!





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Random Q&A?

So I get a lot of questions… Not always on here of course, but anyways I get them a lot. 🙂 Therefore I am going to do a little questions and answers thingy so people can know a little more about me.

Question 1: How long have you been riding?
My answer: 5 years.

Question 2: How many pets do you have?
My answer: I have 4 pets in total.

Question 3: Do you do any other sports besides riding?
My answer: No- I’m bad at everything else! 

Question 4:  What are you other hobbies besides riding?
My answer: I love photography, hanging out with my horse and my pets,crafting and designing things, etc.

Question 5: What kind of camera do you use?
My answer: I use a Canon t1i, though I hope to purchase a Canon t3i one day.

So I guess thats it… If you have a question please leave it below because I love answering questions! I will do another one of these later. And in terms of photography since I talked about that a little bit here, in my earlier posts I had a couple posts that had my photography featured on it so you can check those out as well! I will be adding another post that showcases my photography soon as well. 🙂

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I am so very excited for summer, and even more excited because it’s so close! I have so many plans for the summer that are sure to be awesome.

I have a few horse shows this summer that are really fun. I have one in Estes Park Colorado and the other in Santa Fe New Mexico. The Eestes Park one was a blast last year and I am so excited to go again! We are also going to a Santa Fe show this year which is brand new! I am so excited to go and see what it’s like. 🙂

This summer I am also going on my Canada trip. The trip is in June and it’s just so close! I can’t help but be so anxious and excited. I can’t wait to see what this amazing adventure will bring, and I hope June arrives fast!

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Spring Break

With Spring Break being so close, I thought I would do a blog post about spring break and some reasons I like it! So here we go. 🙂

Reason 1: I love Spring Break because it gives us students a rest from school, homework, tests, and all the stress that comes with it. Keeping up with schoolwork is very hard, especially when you do an all year time consuming sport like I do! Spring Break may not last very long, but the week off is enough time to get our brains back into gear and relieve some stress. It is very much needed and I am so glad we have it.

Reason 2: I also love Spring Break because my family and I always go on vacation. We have gone on a cruise, to Santa Fe, and last year we went to Destin Florida! This year we are going to Florida again to this really cool place called Watercolor. The resort has so many activities and I am so excited. I believe one of the activities is riding horses on the beach… we all know what that means! I am so excited to get out of town and spend some time in Florida!

Spring Break is wonderful and fun, and I can’t wait to spend time with my family! Where are you guys going for Spring Break this year?


The Barn – Expository Writing

The barn is probably my favorite place to be. There are many reasons why I love it… It’s the best place ever after all! But here are a couple main reasons why it is the best place on earth in my opinion.

The first reason I love the barn is because that is where my horse lives. My horse is my best friend and life partner, so wherever she is is where I am. She lives at the barn full time and I love going to see her at least 3 times a week. I also spend all day at the barn with her on the weekends. The barn is a wonderful place for Bella and I to hang out and bond. We have2 huge arenas to ride in, along with a grass field and many trials to go exploring on. Bella and I always have the best time together!

Another reason I love the barn is because of our amazing riding opportunities. We have 2 huge arenas that are spacious and beautiful. The footing is soft, and we have many jumps. My favorite arena is the outdoor arena. It is the biggest of the 2 that we have, and it has the most jumps. We have many colorful jumps and lot’s of room to build and construct many courses. The field is literally right next to it, so when you walk out of the arena you are in the field already. After lessons, I love to take Bella up there and explore a little while we cool off. 

The last reason I love the barn is because of all the fun things you can do. Of course when I’m there, my favorite things to do are spend time with Bella and ride, but I also love playing with the other ponies at the barn, jumping the jumps in the arena on foot (not on a horse), and playing with the barn dogs. There is a pony at the barn, Candy, who I have a special bond with. I love to go out with the pasture with her and just goof around. Me and my friends when we have free-time also like to go down to the arena and jump the jumps in there, without the horses of course. We like to have fun contests to see who can jump the highest! We also have 2 lovely barn dogs, Fast-runner (named by my coach’s 4 year old daughter), and Coyote. They are both so sweet and fun to play with… Though occasionally they will run into the arena and spook the horses! 😉

All in all, the barn is my favorite place to be… It’s basically the place of my dreams. It’s my second home.

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