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My Photography

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I love taking photos of nature and horses… and really all animals. I hope to be a professional photographer later in life, though for now, I am just an amateur photographer. Here are just some of the photos I have taken. All photos are taken BY ME and are taken with either a Canon Rebel t3i, or a Canon Powershot Camera. Also, please DO NOT steal my photos. I will be watermarking them soon too.


^Beautiful Yellow Flower in Colorado. (Photo taken by me)^


^My Cat Izzy. (Photo taken by me)^


^Rain droplets on leaves. (Photo taken by me)^


^Action shot of my friend and her horse. (Photo taken by me)^


^Action shot of a hummingbird, landing on our feeder. (Photo taken by me)^

So thats it! Enjoy the photos!




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