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Bella’s Birthday

My horse’s birthday was yesterday, APril 3rd!! 😀

It was wonderful, and I got to spend some time with Bella on her birthday which was awesome! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to or not… So I was super duper happy about that! I grazed her for a bit and jogged her around with me. It was so fun, and I know she enjoyed it!

I also made Bella her very own birthday cake this year! I took some of her treats and mixed them all together. After that I made a cake shape and put some peppermints in the top to add some extra sweetness, and besides, Bella LOVES peppermints. Then I added a cute green candle in the top and took it to the barn. Bella loved it, and as we were singing happy birthday to her, she stuck her nose in it suddenly and ate the whole thing in almost one bite!

Bella turned 12 this year, and I am so happy that her birthday went well and that I got to spend it with her. I love my horse so much! A photo from the little  birthday celebration  will be put below!





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My Birthday & Valentines Day

I am really excited because tomorrow is my birthday! I am so excited to get to spend it with my family, and I am excited to see what I am going to get present wise.

I don’t know anything about what I’m going to get tomorrow, the only present I am aware of is getting the chance to go to Canada in June to meet Lacey Jamieson’s (my friend/inspiration who passed away in 2013) parents! I linked Lacey Jamieson’s instagram account and her youtube where I have typed her name, so check that out if you want! I have also made a couple blog posts about the trip and about Lacey so check those out if you would like as well. 🙂

Also Valentines Day is coming up! I will be at a horse show during Valentines day, but hopefully my whole family will come so we will get to spend it together anyways. I love Valentines Day and think it’s a great holiday. <3

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New Show Season, 2015!

I am so excited that the new show year has finally started! That means at least 2 shows a month, if not more!

I have already been to 1 show this 2015. I had one last weekend, and I have one this weekend. I leave tomorrow (Friday) and the show is until Sunday. The last  show was in Waco, and the show this coming weekend is in Waco as well,  but I have a few shows in Katy this February.

I am especially looking forward to the Katy show this February. The show actually starts the day after my birthday (it starts on Friday and my birthday is on a Thursday), but my mom is going to take me to the show early on Thursday so that I get to spend my birthday at the show with my horse! I am really excited.

Since I will be at the show on my birthday now, I plan to have a fun bareback ride in the sunset in the huge field that they have at the show. It sounds really relaxing and fun, and I have always wanted to get silhouette photos with my horse! If I get any good ones I will be sure to share them on here.

That’s about it for now. I will be sure to update on how the show this weekend goes, and wish me luck! 🙂

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