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Champion and Classic Win!

This weekend was a very very very good show weekend for Bella and I!

I went to the show with many goals, and I achieved all of them! The show lasts Friday-Sunday. On Friday I didn’t show, but I warmed up and practiced some jumps with Bella. We had an amazing practice and I was really excited. Saturday was an OK show day… It wasn’t really the best I could do though. We did win a 3rd in one of our rounds out of 19 people though so that was good! Now Sunday was really our day for Bella and I to shine. Every round was perfect and we won a $500 classic! I won all the rounds I went into except for one round, but I still got 2nd place in that one! 

The classic win was so exciting! Bella and I got a pretty blue ribbon, and we won this felt blanket thing that said “Winter Series Classic Winner” on it! 

Then, on top of that, Bella and I won our first champion ribbon together! I was so excited and I know Bella was too. She worked very hard this weekend and I am so proud of her. Of course we got a big champion ribbon and we also got a blanket to drape over Bella in the winter. It said “Winter Series Champion” on it. It was so exciting!

It was one of the best weekends Bella and I have had together and I am so proud of her! Can’t wait to show at Pin Oak in a month or so!


(Photos from this weekend are coming up)

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Derby Goals!

Tons of shows have been going on lately, and It’s so exciting to have shows almost every weekend!

The next show I am doing, I hope to participate in a 3ft derby. Derby’s are a special kind of class you can enter in. They have high and low option jumps, and the courses are really hard and technical. They are so fun, and the judges give you scores in each of your rounds. After everyone has finished, they add together everyones 2 scores. Whoever has the highest total wins! You can even win lots of money in the derbies.

I really hope I get to compete in a derby soon, they are really exciting and fun! 

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Zone 7 Finals!

Zone 7 finals is one of the bigger shows in my area, that takes place around the end of the year (mostly in November). It is 2 weeks long, and it is always really fun!

Last week was the first week, and tomorrow (aka Friday) I am heading out again for the next weekend! Bella was amazing last week, and we had some really good rounds, and did very well out of many riders. The flat classes went really well also, and we got some great ribbons.

Last weekend, I tried out a horse that I may buy. His name is Bravo! He is still a baby and is only 5 years old, so he was a bit hard to steer, but other than that he was amazing! He’s really big too.

So that’s about it! I can’t wait to go back to Houston this weekend for finals. Wish Bella and I luck! :’)



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