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Colorado & Derbies

This summer, I have a horse show going on and it’s my favorite one of the show year: Estes Park Colorado. It’s located in Estes Park (well duh) and it is incredible.

There are many reasons while it is my favorite horse show of the year… I mainly like it because it is GORGEOUS. The horse show grounds are basically in a valley, and there are huge mountains all around you. It is so relaxing! And there is also a big lake nearby.

Even though it’s summer, the temperatures in Colorado are still fairly cool, so the temperatures are amazing to ride in compared to here! I had to wear a kind of heavy jacket in the mornings last year! Also, the  overall weather is always beautiful.

Another thing I like about the show is that it is two weeks long, and there it lots to do around the town. They have the cutest shops and activities, and due to my two weeks of being there, I have lots of time to shop and walk around town, 😉 And don’t even get me started on the restraunts…

I am so very excited, and down below there is a picture of me and Bella from last year that my mom took! Enjoy!


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Meet Knight!

So, this post is introducing Knight, the horse I am trying out for possible purchase! He is adorable and I love him so much!

I want to move up in hight’s in the future, and Bella may not be able to jump high enough without getting hurt. 🙁 I don’t want to ever hurt her, so I think it’s best we don’t push her so much that she may seriously injure herself! So thats where Knight comes in. He can jump as high as I would like to go in the future which is great. So thats why we may buy him!

Now you are probably wondering what will happen to Bella? I am definitely not selling her, but I do want to lease her out to a little girl at my barn who can learn on her just as I did. Bella is an amazing teacher, and she has taught me LOADS of things in such a short time! She is not the easiest ride, but she makes you a better rider and she teaches you new skills every time you ride her. She is fun, sweet, and enjoyable! She is the perfect first horse for a little girl that is learning!

If Bella is at the barn, even though I may not be riding her, I can see her and snuggle with her any time I want, and I am sure I would get to ride her sometimes which is wonderful! But back to Knight… He looks a lot like Bella, but he is very different to ride. He is very fun and I love riding him so far. He loves to play outside and snuggling is one of his favorite activities. I am so excited that I may get to buy him, and I hope everything works out! 

Here is a photo of Knight below:

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Random Q&A?

So I get a lot of questions… Not always on here of course, but anyways I get them a lot. 🙂 Therefore I am going to do a little questions and answers thingy so people can know a little more about me.

Question 1: How long have you been riding?
My answer: 5 years.

Question 2: How many pets do you have?
My answer: I have 4 pets in total.

Question 3: Do you do any other sports besides riding?
My answer: No- I’m bad at everything else! 

Question 4:  What are you other hobbies besides riding?
My answer: I love photography, hanging out with my horse and my pets,crafting and designing things, etc.

Question 5: What kind of camera do you use?
My answer: I use a Canon t1i, though I hope to purchase a Canon t3i one day.

So I guess thats it… If you have a question please leave it below because I love answering questions! I will do another one of these later. And in terms of photography since I talked about that a little bit here, in my earlier posts I had a couple posts that had my photography featured on it so you can check those out as well! I will be adding another post that showcases my photography soon as well. 🙂

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I am so very excited for summer, and even more excited because it’s so close! I have so many plans for the summer that are sure to be awesome.

I have a few horse shows this summer that are really fun. I have one in Estes Park Colorado and the other in Santa Fe New Mexico. The Eestes Park one was a blast last year and I am so excited to go again! We are also going to a Santa Fe show this year which is brand new! I am so excited to go and see what it’s like. 🙂

This summer I am also going on my Canada trip. The trip is in June and it’s just so close! I can’t help but be so anxious and excited. I can’t wait to see what this amazing adventure will bring, and I hope June arrives fast!

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The Barn – Expository Writing

The barn is probably my favorite place to be. There are many reasons why I love it… It’s the best place ever after all! But here are a couple main reasons why it is the best place on earth in my opinion.

The first reason I love the barn is because that is where my horse lives. My horse is my best friend and life partner, so wherever she is is where I am. She lives at the barn full time and I love going to see her at least 3 times a week. I also spend all day at the barn with her on the weekends. The barn is a wonderful place for Bella and I to hang out and bond. We have2 huge arenas to ride in, along with a grass field and many trials to go exploring on. Bella and I always have the best time together!

Another reason I love the barn is because of our amazing riding opportunities. We have 2 huge arenas that are spacious and beautiful. The footing is soft, and we have many jumps. My favorite arena is the outdoor arena. It is the biggest of the 2 that we have, and it has the most jumps. We have many colorful jumps and lot’s of room to build and construct many courses. The field is literally right next to it, so when you walk out of the arena you are in the field already. After lessons, I love to take Bella up there and explore a little while we cool off. 

The last reason I love the barn is because of all the fun things you can do. Of course when I’m there, my favorite things to do are spend time with Bella and ride, but I also love playing with the other ponies at the barn, jumping the jumps in the arena on foot (not on a horse), and playing with the barn dogs. There is a pony at the barn, Candy, who I have a special bond with. I love to go out with the pasture with her and just goof around. Me and my friends when we have free-time also like to go down to the arena and jump the jumps in there, without the horses of course. We like to have fun contests to see who can jump the highest! We also have 2 lovely barn dogs, Fast-runner (named by my coach’s 4 year old daughter), and Coyote. They are both so sweet and fun to play with… Though occasionally they will run into the arena and spook the horses! 😉

All in all, the barn is my favorite place to be… It’s basically the place of my dreams. It’s my second home.

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Derby Goals!

Tons of shows have been going on lately, and It’s so exciting to have shows almost every weekend!

The next show I am doing, I hope to participate in a 3ft derby. Derby’s are a special kind of class you can enter in. They have high and low option jumps, and the courses are really hard and technical. They are so fun, and the judges give you scores in each of your rounds. After everyone has finished, they add together everyones 2 scores. Whoever has the highest total wins! You can even win lots of money in the derbies.

I really hope I get to compete in a derby soon, they are really exciting and fun! 

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New Show Season, 2015!

I am so excited that the new show year has finally started! That means at least 2 shows a month, if not more!

I have already been to 1 show this 2015. I had one last weekend, and I have one this weekend. I leave tomorrow (Friday) and the show is until Sunday. The last  show was in Waco, and the show this coming weekend is in Waco as well,  but I have a few shows in Katy this February.

I am especially looking forward to the Katy show this February. The show actually starts the day after my birthday (it starts on Friday and my birthday is on a Thursday), but my mom is going to take me to the show early on Thursday so that I get to spend my birthday at the show with my horse! I am really excited.

Since I will be at the show on my birthday now, I plan to have a fun bareback ride in the sunset in the huge field that they have at the show. It sounds really relaxing and fun, and I have always wanted to get silhouette photos with my horse! If I get any good ones I will be sure to share them on here.

That’s about it for now. I will be sure to update on how the show this weekend goes, and wish me luck! 🙂

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Zone 7 Finals!

Zone 7 finals is one of the bigger shows in my area, that takes place around the end of the year (mostly in November). It is 2 weeks long, and it is always really fun!

Last week was the first week, and tomorrow (aka Friday) I am heading out again for the next weekend! Bella was amazing last week, and we had some really good rounds, and did very well out of many riders. The flat classes went really well also, and we got some great ribbons.

Last weekend, I tried out a horse that I may buy. His name is Bravo! He is still a baby and is only 5 years old, so he was a bit hard to steer, but other than that he was amazing! He’s really big too.

So that’s about it! I can’t wait to go back to Houston this weekend for finals. Wish Bella and I luck! :’)



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Las Colinas 2014

Las Colinas is a show in Dallas, held around Halloween time every year. The highlight of the horse show, is that the show puts on a huge halloween parade on Saturday night. Every one gets together with their barns and chooses a theme for everyone at the barn to dress up as.

Last year, my barn and I were Spider Man saves Christmas… So my coach’s 3 year old daughter was spider man, my friend dressed up her horse and Santa Claus, and she was Mrs.Claus, and me and my other friend dressed up ourselves and our horses as elves. It was so fun, and out of 30+ barns, our costume got 6th place in the contest!

 This year, I am hooking up with a friend, and the theme that we are doing is Rio! My friend is going to be a parrot with her horse, and Bella and I are going to be Blue Birds! I am really excited to go to Dallas and compete, and of course participate in this Halloween parade. It is going to be super fun, and I can’t wait to see what my friends from other barns have come up with for their costumes this year.

I will be sure to take lots of pictures, I am sure they will be hilarious! 😉


^This was Zeik (my previous pony) and I last year, all dressed up for the halloween parade! I was an elf, and Zeik was a raindeer… You may be able to see the antlers. The photo was dark because it was taken when it was dark outside, but oh well! Enjoy!^


Riding Photos & Facts

I often get asked questions about my riding and my horse, so here are some facts, and some photos of me and my horse as well.

1. I have been riding since I was 8 years old
2. My horses name is Bella, and her show name is Bella Noche
3. Bella is very tall at 16.2 hands
4. I compete with Bella almost every weekend during the school year
5. I compete around the state, and sometimes out of state
6. I have owned Bella for almost a year

^Bella and I in Houston 2 weekends ago^

^Bella and I at practice here in Austin^

^A photo of Bella and I at competition 2 weekends ago in Houston^

^Bella and I when we won a huge classic in Waco in June^

Hope you liked the photos! All of these photos are of Bella and I. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful horse. <3


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