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Las Colinas 2014

Las Colinas is a show in Dallas, held around Halloween time every year. The highlight of the horse show, is that the show puts on a huge halloween parade on Saturday night. Every one gets together with their barns and chooses a theme for everyone at the barn to dress up as.

Last year, my barn and I were Spider Man saves Christmas… So my coach’s 3 year old daughter was spider man, my friend dressed up her horse and Santa Claus, and she was Mrs.Claus, and me and my other friend dressed up ourselves and our horses as elves. It was so fun, and out of 30+ barns, our costume got 6th place in the contest!

 This year, I am hooking up with a friend, and the theme that we are doing is Rio! My friend is going to be a parrot with her horse, and Bella and I are going to be Blue Birds! I am really excited to go to Dallas and compete, and of course participate in this Halloween parade. It is going to be super fun, and I can’t wait to see what my friends from other barns have come up with for their costumes this year.

I will be sure to take lots of pictures, I am sure they will be hilarious! 😉


^This was Zeik (my previous pony) and I last year, all dressed up for the halloween parade! I was an elf, and Zeik was a raindeer… You may be able to see the antlers. The photo was dark because it was taken when it was dark outside, but oh well! Enjoy!^


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