A Go Kart

For my brothers birthday in February, we went to a Go Kart racing place called K1 Speed. It was fun, but I didn’t like the fact that it was expensive, indoors, and you had limited time to use them on a small, closed track. The karts were also gas powered and gas powered go karts are very expensive. I really wanted one so my dad and I did some research over the summer. We decided, that instead of buying one, we would make one because when my we want something, we usually build it.

Of course, we didn’t build it from scratch so we went on eBay and found a frame for a go kart. It was blue, had wheels and a roll cage. A few days later, we some how managed to stuff it inside our car and drove it all the way back to our house. We also pulled it out of the car. We examined it. One of the pedals were bent, every screw was rusted and all the wheels were torn. We took out  most of the rust with some rust removal spray which surprisingly worked. We then bought new wheels, nuts, to hold the wheels in place. We also got a back drive wheel with a built in sprocket.

A few weeks later, or yesterday the rest of the parts like the motor, circuit box and the throttle came in. It also came with a pedal because the last one was bent. Turns out the drive sprocket on the motor is too small for the chain so when we get a new one, I am sure the whole build will work in a week or two. I will update you every know and then.

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