A Journey Around the World

A few years ago, I was introduced to an unknown place which now I call Earth. To be more specific, a place called Cupertino, in California on Earth. I don’t remember much, as I only spent three months there. My family, which included my parents, my grandparents, and my brother who was five years older than me decided that we should fly in an airplane all across Earth to a place called Pune, India.

As far as I heard, India is much more different than where I was born. First, it took some time for my parents to get used to driving on the right side of the car on the left side of the road. The school I went to was really good and I really enjoyed it.

We spent ten amazing years there and after my tenth birthday, my family decided to move back to around where I was born. Instead of California, it was a place called Austin, Texas. I knew I was going to miss my friends whom I spent years with, but I also liked the fact that I was going to a better school to get better education. My brother also wants to work at NASA when he grows up, so it was a good idea. I soon made friends and developed my accent in just weeks.

This is my second year in middle school, my brother is applying for college, my mom is looking for a job since she believes my brother and I can handle ourselves. We are living a successful life so far but that’s it.

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